Should CNN viewers forgive Brooke Baldwin for remarks concerning military veterans?

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  • Steven S - 5 years ago

    She wasn't slamming veterans. She was speaking of the trauma that veterans have suffered fighting
    overseas and having a hard time adjusting back to civilian life. Her mistake was mentioning this issue in the context of the riots.
    Save your outrage for the leaders who sent our young people to have to limbs blown off and get their their brains from IEDs.

  • jojo - 5 years ago

    what was her name brook fonda

  • Carol - 5 years ago

    The comment had no earmarks of having been occasioned by others. Read it again, if you have any doubts that these are HER thoughts. Wrong... wrong ... wrong!

  • Uncle Buzz - 5 years ago

    Sorry, but DON'T EVER slam the VETERANS....

    FAR too many of them paid the ultimate price defending stupid people like you and your right to say STUPID THINGS on television......

    You can apologize all you want, but you already DID the damage, so damage control ISN'T going to work....

    You should have SHUT UP long before you stuck BOTH FEET into your mouth....

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