What grade do you give this week's two-hour 'Grey's Anatomy'?

  • Gail - 6 years ago

    I personally, still think this was all a dream and in the finale Mer will wake Derick up and realize how life would be without him and all will go on happily ever after....... Fingers crossed

  • Mana - 6 years ago

    iIf you're truly a fan of Greys, you need to support the decisions that are being made. Of course we are sad that Derek died. But would you rather him just be in Washington and let his kids grow up without a father? Most of you were the same people that said you were sick of Mer/Der anyway! I'm only confused with the time frame. It's 2016 now?

  • connie - 6 years ago

    Boo. Hiss. Shame on the writers and producers. Every single element of this episode felt forced, lacking authenticity, and confusing. Every. Single. Element. What a giant disappointment.

  • jen - 6 years ago

    waited all week for that show and it was the worst one ever. Everyone know she would be prego.
    Did not do Derek funeral justice. He was the star of the show and that is how you honor his character.
    Sorry I am done watching it and hear from many they are too
    sorry I invented so many years in the show. Time to see it cancelled

  • BONNIE - 6 years ago

    Terrible show. Confusing storyline even for a faithful viewer. Derek was the substance, the one person to relate to. Others are self-absorbed and egotistical.

  • Jenne - 6 years ago

    Derek was stability on the show and was the core of it right along with Meredith, then the other characters revolved around that. Good to watch then. This was totally a wrong move on the writers. Also have noticed how in the last few seasons only ones leaving or dying are white, (except Kristine) Why is that? I have watched this show faithfully since the very first episode and after this (along with quite a few other people) will never watch again, thanks to the poor writing, which by the way used to be superb!

  • jco - 6 years ago

    Already knew she would be pregnant. What else would happen???

  • Janet - 6 years ago

    Only watched just to see what would happen. This is my last Greys, without Derek it really is not worth watching and this episode was probably the worst I have ever seen. All this mixing up in time and ridiculous storyline made it a joke to watch. Whoever dreamed up this terrible episode wants firing.

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