Denzel is old now are you going to be okay?


  • PrinceLeron - 9 years ago

    I'm more than fine, I'm cooking. This has the potential to be one of the best black memes of all time. I daresay it may be better than the Jordan crying face. The best thing about Uncle Denzel was his total disregard for the ambience of the event. I wonder if his wife knew he was going to the fight like that.

  • Anthony Bryant - 9 years ago

    Denzel reminds me of that wine-o uncle who takes over the grill at the family cook out.

  • Cappadonna - 9 years ago

    Gasp!! Denzel Washington is ........over 40?! Lord, where's my fainting couch.

    On the real, he looks like an old man, because, well that nigga is old!! He's the same age as my aunt. And old people look crazy at times. Yes, the world's coolest old Negro not named Obama looked like a Dominican gardener at the biggest sporting event since Tyson v. Holyfield.

    But the fact that this dude showed with a fucks deficit about his outfit tells us all Denzel is a true G. That old man is such a BOSS, that he showed up to a million dollar prize fight looking like he's gonna catch a Dodgers game in the cheap seats. Jay-Z & Beyonce are worth close to a billion dollars, they looked like they were going to a show at the Met. Denzel looks he went to his closet, sniffed a t-shirt and said, "Fuck it, it smells clean". Denzel has officially reach Danny Glover status of "Too Old for this Shit!"

  • silvrbacksurfer - 9 years ago

    This picture is awesome ageism fodder, but I will be fine. Enjoying old Denzel like a fine wine.

  • Terrahawk - 9 years ago

    Let me 1st say, your TIME photo for the previous eps. was amazing. Thank you for the picture.

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