How would you grade the Bills' draft?
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  • claude - 6 years ago

    I gave the Bills draft a B & here is my reasoning/logic. I've ben watching drafts since I was 10 & rounds 10+ were on a Mon/Tues/Wed on ESPN. I see the draft very differently. I ask "was there a plan & was the plan executed well?" The Bills seemed to have come into this draft aware few spots remained on their team & thus special teams and/or specialized roles took a higher meaning. The Bills seem very aware of who it is they drafted & what they were drafted for. For example, Darby was downgraded for his lack of ball skills across the board. The Bills, rather than being defiant to this fact, seemed to have embraced the challenge of fixing what they see is mainly a technique flaw early(see Donnie Henderson). So Buffalo seeing Ronald Darby(an elite athlete) higher than most experts is completely logical if they feel the flaws are easily corrected. They then drafted what they thought was their greatest need guard. the rest of the draft is players who had a relatively logical shot of making the team. The backup tight end in a tight end heavy offense. 2 very good special teams players who(if they stick) have a chance later to make an impact at their position & out-perform their draft spots. And the ever elusive tall/big receiver they've needed since Eric Moulds.

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