Should female teachers who have sex with male students be penalized as hashly as male teachers?

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Posted 4 years.


  • Normand - 4 years ago

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  • da_ticklah - 4 years ago

    In all honesty I do not believe it's as bad if the female teacher is cute enough. That boy will be the man among his crew when the news comes out especially if he's the first one in the crew to get some pussy sheeeeeeeiiiiiiiiitt, Superstar status son!

    My opinions on impact to the 'victim' aside, the facts are simple. People who do the same crime should get the same time. End of story.

  • terrillshorter - 4 years ago

    I think it should be sliding scale if she is super hot to doable. Not that much time, however she cannot be trusted to teach kids again. If she is from "treasure troll" to "nigga hell to the no." Max time. And once she gets out if she comes close to a desk, a piece of chalk, or chalkboard she should be wired to burst into flames.

  • Rei - 4 years ago

    I am a male who was sexually molested as a child by my female teacher. I was *really* young (like under age 10). Not only did no one believe me when I told, I stayed in her class for the rest of the year. I thought I was fine until I became an adult and I started having emotional issues and it was because those repressed memories started to surface and traumatize me. I had no one to talk to, and therapy was out of the question because at the time I believed in that bullshit that men who go to therapy are weak and can't handle themselves. It led to 2 suicide attempts. Luckily, I found a confidant in my girlfriend who convinced me to get help. So whomever thinks that women sexually assaulting men/boys has no effect, can kiss the fattest and blackest part of my ass.

  • writerchick4 - 4 years ago

    When my son was in high school I had to go up to his school for a parent meeting (he was THE class clown). I approached a staff member and asked her where the principal was. She directed me to the principal's office and as I turned to walk away she described the principal, in front of other students including my son who was with me, as being "Tall and sexy" like her. I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around, looked at her and said 'Excuse me' in my, 'Bitch did you just describe yourself AND the principal of this school as sexy in front of these children', voice. She immediately corrected herself and instead of describing the principal as tall and sexy, she described what she was wearing instead.

    This is the kind of foolishness that these young men have to deal with from the 'adults' that work at the schools. I know that they have heard people being described as sexy before and yes, the principal was a very good looking woman but I feel there is a line with teachers and students and the staff member at my sons school crossed it.

  • silvrbacksurfer - 4 years ago

    Yo when cappadonna just said "with the proliferation of Cougar porn", I imagined him in a suit righteously speaking to congress.
    Ya girl mad respect on your above comment, your message could save a lot of young women heartache.
    #TBGWT is the greatest

  • Cappadonna - 4 years ago

    Despite what Van Halen 's "Hot for Teacher", The Graduate and the proliferation of Cougar Porn - a grown female teacher trying to hook up a with a teenage boy is a rapist! We snicker about it - but, like you said, its a double standard. If it were a gay dude hooking up with his students, even if those kids were willing, we'd throw that dude under jail!!

    I know we loved watching Lisa Ann hooking with some 18 year old stud on X-Tube, but that's fantasy. The reality whether if 35 year old woman bangs a 15 year old boy, she's completely screwed that kid up - FOR LIFE.

  • ya girl - 4 years ago

    I was the 'hot in the ass teenager" who dated men as a rule. Looking back I wish the adults in my life cared enough to sit me down and explain to me that I wasn't getting the better end of the deal being used for an adult's pleasure. I thought it was what I wanted then, but I realize now I was being exploited. I would not do that as an adult to any boy and I think those women are sick and need to be treated just like predatory male offenders.

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