1. How did you come across my blog?


  • Neha Upadhyay - 8 years ago

    Environmental Legislations, Compliances and other frameworks like API are very different when they are on paper and when they are on practise. Feild experiences matters a lot to understand the mentalities of organisations or individuals to impose such things and there your blogs matters a lot to young proffessional like me. Guidance is needed to divert the flow of thinking sustainable (report preparations) and making it work in real life.

  • Urmila Rajadhyaksha - 8 years ago

    Interesting Blogs written like parables

  • Debashish Manna - 8 years ago

    All the blogs are extremely valuable for professionals like me with limited experience and exposure. All the blogs are very interesting to read, easy to understand and impactful. I have realized after reading your blogs that the approach to solving most issues should focus on logic and getting the basics right. I sincerely thank you for sharing your experience and perceptions through these blogs.

  • Nayan Khambati - 8 years ago

    Enjoyed reading and feeling enlightened after reading your blogs

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