SPEAK UP: Do you agree with the Kenneth Stahli guilty verdict? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Should NY release information on registered assault weapons? 118 Yes 1

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  • hyde park neighbor - 4 years ago

    cant believe how ignorant people are especially his lawyer fighting for these scum bags freedom when Mason will never no what growing up is all about. his mother should be spayed she she never has children again

  • Marlboro Mom - 4 years ago

    To the 6 votes as of now that say "no" you're either living under a rock, related to Stahli or just that stupid!!! Kaitlin - you will end up in hell! You may not of been charged with murder but may you live in fear of the devil himself! You are Satan's child! Your mother knew, you knew and Kenny knew. That child died a horrific death because of YOU! The whore you are. More worried about yourself! Shame on you! Live with it skank! May your uterus deprive you, may your heart ache, may you burn in hell!

  • Lorie A - 4 years ago

    I agree with Mary M - totally fake tears. Why the prosecutor did not charge her as an accessory to murder is beyond me. She positively knew what he was doing and failed to bring that poor little boy to the hospital. Being afraid of DCF is total bull! A mother's instinct (a true mother) is to protect her child regardless of the consequences. Additionally, the neighbor who testified that he and his wife saw the little boy being beaten by this animal and drove on should sleep well too. Had they at least called 911, the little boy might be alive today. How can people be so indifferent to a 2 year old being beaten.

  • Anne L - 4 years ago

    If his mother was sitting there with him being found guilty I know I would feel better. She obviously was a major part of Masons death What were they thinking when they didn't charge her. Well let's just hope she isn't left alone with the little one.

  • Mary M - 4 years ago

    Today's video W that murderer Kaitlin is pathetic! That woman is a killer! She is fake! Fake tears! Fake crying! She is JUST AS GUILTY! And her ugly mother who allowed this nightmare to go on KNOWING what was going on needs to be brought up on charges too! Mason will not rest in peace till kaitlin and her mother join hell w Kenny!

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