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  • Lorine Rohr - 5 years ago

    So sad....I love the show. Please reconsider. Also sad for all the young singers. Many have a career because of American Idol. Please change your mind.

  • judith gange - 5 years ago

    So sorry to learn of the axing of American Idol! My favorite show! Please reconsider. Please!

  • Darleen - 5 years ago

    I think The voice, has been my very favorite show this and season's past.. I never miss it. Please, Please ,don't cancel...I love this show, better than idol, but also watch it , being second favorite....My heart goes out to these young, talented artists, that would otherwise not have such a wonderful life for them..Opening so many doors!!!

    PLease Please please don't cancel

  • Yvonne - 5 years ago

    I feel Harry was really unfair in his judgmental execution of the one singer who was also from New Orleans, After his comments which were ludicrous when everyone knew what the singer meant, Harry sliced and diced him

  • larry spinelli - 5 years ago

    I liked the show, but the American's that watched this show had to be mostly young white mid-western girls, nothing against them, but too many non white artist were passed by. For example, two week ago, the most talented person Idol ever had, and I mean ever! She's up there with Whitney, as far as her talent and poise. Sorry I couldn't remember her name, but all of us will know it in the near future. Same with the voice, America got it wrong by not enough people voting for the most talented artist they ever had. We should all turn our seats around and just hear the voice, and let the judges.........judge!

  • Cariel Williamson - 5 years ago

    love The Voice, and I used to love Idol, but the talent isn't there anymore. Compared to The Voice, also the age limitations alienated an older crowd. Simon and Randy are really missed. But most of all, whoever is picking the talent is killing the show. My wife and I have watched every season, until this year, about 1 month in this year we stopped, because we just didn't think any contestant was any good. Very sad it has gone so wrong.

  • Robert - 5 years ago

    I thought this was a show that should have kept going on, after all we need to help get out new singers.If this show dies, then the hope of future upcoming singers who don't have a platform to get started on will never have a chance and we will never know who could have been . Just about everyone likes music.It is a part of our culture.I feel American Idol could revamp the way the show is done so it could be refreshing and get better ratings, but to end it completely is not the way to go.I always looked forward to watching American Idol every year, it was one of my favorite shows. I also like watching the voice and it;s getting high rating and does not look like it's in any danger of getting canceled. all American Idol needs to do is figure out a format that will get more people excite and want to watch. If the voice can do it i'm sure the creative people on American Idol can figure something out,To end American Idol completely would be like having one of the Major Networks not carrying sports anymore. Just my opinion Robert :(

  • Ltish - 5 years ago

    Idol has been a punching bag for the malcontents who control these message boards. Is it a perfect show? Of course not. However, it's a hellova lot better than most of the junk presented on TV. The problem this year has been Scott Borchetta. Yes, he's made millions off Swifty, but she was a phenom. The judges are capable of doing their job, even if Harry gets a little egotistical and J Lo gets off subject; Keith's there to keep things on an even keel. Speaking of Keith, he's one handsome dude.

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