Is It Wrong To Rejoice About George Zimmerman Getting Shot In The Face?


  • Big Homie OG BigDJeff - 8 years ago

    Yes its wrong, but that is not going to stop me from throwing a party about it.

  • KJ Dolla - 8 years ago

    Hell yea I wish that muthafucka died too. Psycho ass Zimmerman. I don't feel the least bit bad about how I feel either. Fuck him

  • missdani10 - 8 years ago

    How many people rejoiced when Trayvon was murdered? *cue Kid Fury's rant from this week's Read* Oh okay.. It may be petty but fuck George Zimmerman what he's going through and what he stands for. 100 for FWBP cause I'm fucked with!

  • Dr_Doughstax - 8 years ago

    So, yes this is because I don't like this motherfucker and I'm petty, but from a legal standpoint the guy who shot Zimmerman is likely in the right. In a state where you can shoot and kill people because you *feel* in danger, then legally you are completely in the right to lick a shot at someone waving a gun at you. So legally, if that is how things played out then I'm fine with him being hit in the face. And if that isn't how things played out? Well, the guy who shot Zimmerman in the face is in the wrong, but it's George Zimmerman, so fuck him.

    By the way, shouts out to all the racist ass white people who were probably disappointed that the guy who shot Zimmerman wasn't black.

    So yeah, uh, fuck Zimmerman.

  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    I feel bangs of guilt about it, but I do revel the cathartic moment of schadenfreude over George Zimmerman narrowly escaping the fate he coldly delivered to Trayvon Martin. The universe has a way of getting back at us.

  • Miss Krysable - 8 years ago

    It's wrong but so what, y'all pettiness is rubbing off on me.

  • silvrbacksurfer - 8 years ago

    I went through the same emotions as the show did with this story; step 1 excitement that he had been shot, step 2 sadness that he had not died, and finally step 3 excitement cause their is always tomorrow...Thank you Florida.

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