SPEAK UP: Will self-driving cars be regularly used in the next 20 years? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Did you attend any ceremoneis for Gunther? 31 YES, 118 NO

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  • Brad Nathington - 5 years ago

    I am very disappointed with Science. First they promise us flying cars but no, we don't get flying cars do we? Nope, now they are trying to hand us these "self driving" atrocities instead and hope we forget about the whole flying car thing. Well I will NEVER forget how Science let us down on the flying car deal. Classic bait and switch. Totally disgusted over here.

  • zenman - 5 years ago

    I think self-driving take all of the fun out of, well, driving. Why own a nice vehicle and not experience every subtlety and nuance of it? On the other hand, self-drving vehicles can give the elderly and the physically handicapped some independance, and also empower them. So, I vote yes.

  • Elyanna - 5 years ago

    That's where I draw the line. This country is getting too lazy! Computers are taking over the world! What's next? Teachers teaching online to kids? Simply teaching LET THESE KIDS BE KIDS! No more common crap core! Parents - your 6 yo does NOT need an iPad!!! Go outside! I love to drive! I will never own a car that drives itself! What a shame!

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