Should businesses be allowed to install Chinese-only language signs and advertisements?

  • max fractall - 5 years ago

    yup .. speak the language, or LEARN/BE CURRENTLY LEARNING the language ... or leave my country, thanks. That's the way it is, anywhere. ESPECIALLY ... no english sign ... no business license ... NOW ... you have ONE WEEK to fix it ... or your doors are locked.

  • irene - 5 years ago

    Businesses shouldn't be "encouraged" to include English signage, it should be mandatory.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    this would never be allowed in other countries so I'm not sure why it would be here in Canada. This leads to exclusion and that is clear.

    Also we as businesses are forced to spend money on adding French to our packaging for inclusion - why would everyone not be held to that same standard?

  • Pavlo Frantsen - 5 years ago

    Chinese language pisses me off, especially that fact, English and French are the only official languages in Canada, so what the hell chinese language doing in YVR Vancouver Airport?
    Come to Canada? get used to Canada, canadian rules and language as well

  • Joanna Chiang - 5 years ago

    People should adapt to living in Canada because they are already planned by to come to Canada where English the official language in Canada and why would they not try to adapt, they might as well stay in Asia since they don't want to adapt to the new culture and language. There is no point of them even coming if they don't want to learn and adapt.

  • Christopher - 6 years ago

    As usual, the xenophobes are eager to stand and be counted.

  • Sue - 6 years ago

    If you want my patronage, please assist me in knowing what your business is - in English. Believe it or not, some of my best friends are of Chinese descent but were born in Canada and read/speak only English as well. Even they avoid businesses if they cannot decipher just what that business is about.

  • Phoebe - 6 years ago

    People should adapt to Canada's way of life when they come to Canada not the other way around. Our country is multicultural but the first language is still English.

  • canade - 6 years ago

    you should go back to china if you just want chinese, this is canada.

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