Rate S5E06 "Unbowed Unbent Unbroken" (Poll Closed)


  • Buffy - 5 years ago

    How did anyone not see this coming from the time we knew she was headed to Winterfell? I did not enjoy it, but she knew she had to be 'bedded' in order to take her place. I thought the focus on Theon was quite telling.
    I am waiting for Cerci to get a taste of her own medicine, I would love for Queen of thorns to go to the high Sparrow with her Intel.
    My thoughts on Arya is she becomes Cat of the Canals, sees Mace Tyrel with his very own Queens guard, who just happens to have his name on a girls list. She kills Trent, and episode 10 has her waking people blind.
    I know I sound heartless about Sansa, but if they wrote it softer, she would not be driven to escape with Theon. I could be 300% wrong, but that is my guess. I got no clue what the Brieanne/Pod storyline will be. I would like to see Ramsey meet what is left of Ned's sword.
    Thanks so much for your podcast, hang in there Matt, Sansa will be alright in the end.

  • yoursinegritude - 5 years ago

    I am trying to make sense of the ending of GOT last night. It was horrifying what happened to Sansa. D&D need to stop working out their rape fantasies with HBO's budget. And your guy Axel, from your instant cast, who said "he did not think Sansa was raped". I have a nice non-lubed stick I'd like to introduce him to. Not raped my foot.

  • Aaryk - 5 years ago

    Devastated, unimaginable, appalling. I saw so much potential to write a new story, to make this an adaptation of the book that is unique and enjoyable in itself. I was excited that Sansa would evolve to become a Stark of Winterfell, a strong intelligent character that controls the situation and manipulates psychotic Ramsey. I thought she would rally the north and become a hero. Instead GOT decided to go for shock and controversy by raping Sansa in a completely unnessary, disgusting scene. And they can always say it was the books... They adapted Sansa to take on the role of fake Arya but it's not the same. Maybe I should be more offended in the books version, it was actually more abusive and perverse than the shows... But I am left feeling disgusted and betrayed by controversy seeking producers.

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