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  • Bruce Lukaszewicz - 5 years ago

    I suspect that the Windows over Apple result is almost purely price based. I was a Windows user in the late 90s and in the 2000-2007 time frame. I used Parallels to run Windows on my Mac when I started on my Mac quest in early 2007.

    As more software developers were able to create software that take advantage of Apple’s OS I was able to abandon all of my Windows based software, and never look back. There is no major photography software that I know of that runs on Windows and does not run on OS X.

    Photography software is generally equally priced between OS X and Windows and in some cases both versions were on the same disc. Downloading software has since eliminated that little perk and has actually made software delivery and installation a breeze.

    In my opinion, Apple hardware in the near term will be priced higher than Windows compatible machines until Apple licenses it hardware architecture. I’m sure that until it happens it will always be a topic for debate.

    Apple’s IOS over Android is a no brainer. I personally like Apples tight control over the iPhone’s operating system. It not only prevents to some extent the hackers from mischievous acts, but the cell network providers as well. This seems to be the area of current technology where quality and security beats pricing hands down.

  • Bruce McKeown - 5 years ago

    Lori Pastore: "...Apple MacBook Pro and my desktop pro are the only way to go to get the job done." Obviously not the only way--37% use Windows, including myself.

  • Allen Harry - 5 years ago

    There was a time, years ago, that Apple out performed Windows systems. That is no longer true.
    I believe that my Windows based system is as good as or better than Apple for image processing. It is a much cheaper investment, easier to use and I just don't get Apples overhyped and over priced products.
    My system: Dell XPS, Windows 7, Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, onOne, NIK, Drobo, Epson R3000.

  • Lori Pastore - 5 years ago

    From experience I know my Apple MacBook Pro and my desktop pro are the only way to go to get the job done. It's the best for displaying and post processing. I use Lightroom and Photoshop.

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