Was Jay-Z's Tidal Freestyle Offensive?

  • Melabella - 7 years ago

    I subscribe to the paid service for spotify. If tidal can give me everything I enjoy about spotify and more for the same price, I will switch. Its that simple, this is business. Too many people worried about coins that aint theirs and people who they don't like based off assumptions.

    To those offended, it did exactly what it was supposed to do. *insert WelvenDaGreat voice* GOT EM!

  • FizzyChizzy - 7 years ago

    What Jay Z said is RIGHT. I didn't realize how rabid Jay Z/Beyonce haters were until Jay Z launched Tidal. There were so many people saying that it was all motivated by greed. "Why would I pay money to make Jay Z richer?" Well, I would rather pay money to Jay Z and those other artists than to a faceless corporation that benefits from the work of others but doesn't make a point of paying the people who make the music fairly. There are tons of small indie artists that are getting screwed with the Spotify model. I support Tidal simply because it is competition. Only through several streaming services competing with each other will there be better pay for the actual musicians. That way, musicians will be better able to negotiate and cut a deal in their best interests.

    Tidal's audience isn't the people that listen to Spotify for free. It is the paid subscribers. Most of the people complaining about the service weren't even the target audience. I want to hear solely from the paid subscribers to Spotify. Their opinions are the only ones that matter. I do feel like people have started to feel entitled to music as if it should just go to them for free. Music cost money to make. Web programs as large as Spotify cost money to host and maintain. People need to get over it. Could you imagine the backlash that will happen if (when) the musicians in Tidal remove their music from the other streaming platforms. I can hear it now..."This nigga Jay Z actually want me to pay for his music on Tidal, the only place that it is streaming. I feel wronged. Let me go and listen to his music on Youtube instead and sit through the ads..." Apparently everyone is allowed to make money off of Jay Z, Beyonce, Jack White, and other's music except for them.

    If Tidal does what it has been hinting at, which is backing independent artists, the streaming service is going to take out the middle man completely, the record companies. And I don't think that record companies are happy about that. Since Napster, the record companies have not adapted business model to the changing times. Streaming services that back independent artists and cuts deals with the musicians directly threatens to upend the entire system.

  • PrinceLeron - 7 years ago

    I'm not offended but I thought that all of the points he brought up in that freestyle were stupid as fuck. I think Jay Z is misplacing race when it comes Tidal's initial hiccup.

    The line about black people only being skeptical of our own shit is pointless in this case. All people, including niggas, had every right to be skeptical of Tidal. He came in with a more expensive option and failed to convince people why his service is better. To this point there is still no clarity on the difference of compensation between Tidal and its competitors.

    The line about the only one they criticize look the same as you is also bullshit. Companies get criticized all of the time and do so heavily. Jay Z is just feeling extra heat because he is the face of this initial failure. He is getting more heat because people don't like him but he should have known that going in. I remember that Microsoft got fried because of the Zune, Windows Vista and various other things. He is no special in that regard.

    His comparison to Tim Cook and Phil Knight only sounds good in a vacuum. He was trying to attack the rich getting richer criticism but ignored the fact that Apple and Nike sell products that people value. When people buy an iphone that actually have the phone in their possession. They don't feel that same possession about music. They should but they don't especially when it comes to streaming services. This will be more awkward if Apple's streaming success starts off being more successful than Tidal.

    I missed the transition from young black men being killed by police to Tidal not doing well. I don't mean figuratively, I'm actually having a hard time hearing that audio. Maybe if I had that lossless audio, I might have caught it. Since I didn't hear it I going to assume that Jay did so in good taste. He hasn't given any other example of being irresponsible discussing those types of issues.

    Lastly, I actually hopes that Tidal does pick up and becomes successful. I just think that Jay is trying to defend a bad product. There are plenty of reasons why non-cooning black people stayed with Spotify and he should be focus on that. And as it pertains to being black owned, he should wait until his product is worthy before he gets on that track. Shit, Rent Em Spoons would have been a black owned business.

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