SPEAK UP: Would you rather play a round of golf or footgolf? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Do you plan to vote on your school budget Tuesday? 121 YES, 27 NO

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  • Harvis McSnipple - 5 years ago

    I played footgolf with Bill O'Reily back in prep school. He was pretty good but there was another fella sure could move that ball. Bill and I used to admire him all sorts of ways. His stature and limpidity was astonding. Died in an airplane accident bout 1971 with Patsy Cline playing on the radio.

  • Parth Baddington - 5 years ago

    In my elementary school we played dance with the rope. It involved oversized tennis ball and a ball of string. One placed string on ground and another preferably a girl help the rope. Another child spun in cirlce and you took the bouncy ball and much like the game of jaxs you dropped it and the tried to grab it befor it made second bounce.

  • Brad Nathington - 5 years ago

    We play a similar sport called "Facennis" It is basically tennis with larger balls (around the size of a bowling ball), and you are only allowed to hit the ball with your face. We have leagues forming now for the summer if anyone is interested.

  • bruce angevine - 5 years ago

    I would rather have a root canal than do either one.

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