Who Will Win The Voice 8?

  • Joshua Davis

  • Sawyer Fredericks

  • Koryn Hawthorne

  • Meghan Linsey

Poll posted 4 years ago.

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  • Sharon - 4 years ago

    Sawyer won even though he didn't have the best voice. He kept getting the most votes every week. He also had the most Facebook and twitter followers. I didn't really have a favorite this season.

  • Sandy Reynolds - 4 years ago

    I believe Megan should not have been allowed to compete, being that she knew Blake and Amanda. She Should have been gone long ago. Same with Joshua, should have been gone long ago, the talent let go before him is mind blowing, he is a one trick pony, same sound, same tone. I think the finals comes down to Koryn and Saywer. Public seems to be giving Saywer a Big advantage..... However I think Koryn Really darn good, no other 2.......... I love Saywer but.... Koryn is really good too......... Well see

  • Judy Harper - 4 years ago

    Are there regulations on being on these reality shows? I thought the purpose was to help an unknown
    get a start that they otherwise wouldn't have. That being said, Meghan shouldn't be allowed to compete.
    She was already on a similar show and won. She already had a start and has contacts and connections. She has already been on tour with Blake! It doesn't seem right to me. I will go see Sawyer if the
    opportunity arises and if you read the comments on his guest page, he has all ages voting for him. It is hard to predict who will win . Strange things seem to happen.

  • Donna King - 4 years ago

    Megan should have sung country. Look when she sang I've got a girl's crush. Number 1 allover. I don't know why Blake didn't insist. Although 2nd place might be better. Just ask Craig Wayne Boyd.

  • janice - 4 years ago

    Sawyer has ever thing the best voice the music sound just ever thing it takes to win. I so hope people will vote for him. Sawyer has a singing voice that cant be matched he's amazing.

  • janice - 4 years ago

    Sawyer has ever thing the best voice the music sound just ever thing it takes to win. I so hope people will vote for him. Sawyer has a singing voice that cant be matched he's amazing.

  • SniperScout - 4 years ago

    Pullin' for Meghan and wishin' she'd stay country. Sawyer's up there 'cause he's a "cute little boy"...absolutely no personality. Davis is BORING and Koryn may develop in a season or two, but not ready yet!!

  • Teresa Selleke - 4 years ago

    I have to agree with both comments. I would pay to see Meghan Linsey in concert, I will buy her
    music, but I think she should stick with "Country" too. I'm surprised Blake didn't kind of suggest
    that? The come from behind kid may do it again and I'm praying he does.
    I wouldn't pay to see or buy any of the others music. I don't get in to "Inspirational" (sorry)
    which Koryn is known for, I'm bored and tired of Sawyer's music. I don't know why they push
    him so highly and Joshua is a little boring too. I'm pushing for Meghan all the way.
    Enjoy your win!

  • Beachfrk - 4 years ago

    I feel that there were many more talented contestants that were sent home, that were better then Joshua Davis and Sawyer. Though they are very good , I would not pay good money to go see them in concert as I would be bored out of my mind., nor would I have any interest in buying their music. I don't understand how it always ends up being a popularity contest instead of a talent contest. I am thinking that it is the young girls that do the majority of the voting, therefore Josh and Sawyer won out over better talent. Meghan and Koryn are amazing, so hopefully America will get it right!

  • Sandra Blanchard - 4 years ago

    I'm glad to see Joshua polling in last place. He is by far the most boring contestant I've seen on any of the
    singing competitions on TV. I can't imagine him in concert. While Sawyer seems to be popular he too is hard to imagine in a concert. I wish they would ban the use of instruments by contestants. The shows provide excellent bands without the singers providing their own music. I think it limits their performances. I wish Christina could have won this year but I am glad to see Pharell's team in contention. I think Megan would have it in the bag if she had stayed strictly with country. Her gruff growly sound can be hard to listen to sometimes and Koryn 's enunciation was so garbled I couldn't understand her. I was a little disappointed in the coaches choices in the battles but I think that format is all wrong anyway. Some singers get more lines to sing and some get the better lines. I think they should each sing their own version of the same song then be judged. S.Blanchard

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