Do you think Sawyer should leave the farm?

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Posted 4 years.


  • Nella S. Parker - 4 years ago

    Sawyer is a talented, amazing young man. He has certainly proved this at a young age, so I have no doubt in my mind that he will definitetly make the right choice when it comes to his career. I absolutely love his singing and style. Growing up on a farm is totally wonderful, plus having such wonderful parents and a supportive family makes it all super fabulous. Good luck Sawyer in whatever you do.

  • Carolyn Buckley - 4 years ago

    I don't think that Sawyer would do well in L.A. but how will he be able to continue his music career from the farm? His voice is so amazing that it should be out there for everyone to hear. His talent is THAT good! Maybe he has plans to sing in a recording studio in New York. That could workk out for him. I would just hate to see him fade away.

  • Crystalanne Rose Olski - 4 years ago

    No way! I have read many things that Sawyer has said and as much as I love him, I respect that he wants to stay home. Nothing will change my mind of that, unless, he did. If he wants to stay home, then people should respect that. I like him a lot and wish I knew him in person, but people should NOT go running to his HOME just to meet him! Put yourself in his shoes! May be he just wants some peace and quiet. So, no he shouldn't and honestly I don't think that vote thing was a good idea. He should be able to stay or go without opinion unless he asks for it.

    ~Thank you, Crystalanne

  • Mary Garati - 4 years ago

    No, Sawyer should not leave the farm. Sawyer is the way he is because of where he grew up (on a farm) and worked as a farmhand which helped build his admirable character. He is special and L.A. would not be a good match for him. In my opinion, he would not be happy there and I would not want the big city to change him. It will if he moves there. So Do Not Leave The Farm Sawyer.

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