Which of the following best describes your most recent truck purchase or lease?

  • Greg Stanton - 6 years ago

    I'm on my 3rd new Peterbilt since 1999. Well this 2014 389 is doing a great job with no problems except !
    It has this roll over system on it . What it does is applies the brakes when I don't want them to . See I live up in the foothills of California and I drive a lot of windy roads . It doesn't let me drive the way I want to drive .When I try to get a run at a hill or something the brakes come on and shut down everything. It sucks and the dealer says they can't do a thing about .
    No good dealers out there . They just want to take your money . Once you get your truck its all over they don't care .

  • jason - 6 years ago

    Brought my grandfathers old 1985 pete 359 back out on the road. The old trk has well over 3.5 million mi on it. Spent about 35 grand getting it back up to shape.. paint, new tires,rims, brake system, fuel lines and complete suspension rebuild. Hell of a lot better than this plastic crap today they sell as a trk.

  • proud trucker - 6 years ago

    I bought a brand new truck Freightliner Cascadia in 2009 it was breaking down all the time,After300,000 miles I had no problems but I didn't really make money 4 years ,old truck is the way to go cheaper is better.

  • kushtim - 6 years ago

    Buying a new truck doesn't make no financial sense.I bought my truck in action older truck for $14,000 already paid for itself in first 45days of purchase.

  • peter - 6 years ago

    I bought new in 2012. Piece of junk. 386 peterbilt.

  • Rhonda - 6 years ago

    We won't buy anything new. We have a 94 Pete and a restored 79 KW. Too much technology on the new ones. Nothing but trouble and hassle - and we can't fix them ourselves.

  • Kosova - 6 years ago

    I bought my truck cash in auction at last half a price cheaper compared to dealership .If u have cash or u can get personal loan u will save a lot of money.

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