Hours wish list: To improve the hours of service for safety purposes, which of the following changes combined (pick up to five) would be most beneficial? (Poll Closed)

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  • Allan - 6 years ago

    It wasn't broken to begin with, just let us do our job and if we don't cause any problems leave us the hell alone. Challenge to anyone, what was wrong with the old system other than should have been 80 hrs in 8 days?

  • KJ - 6 years ago

    Refresher courses for weigh station officials as the law changes, it makes things more complicated when an officer starts interpreting law in his/her way.

  • mrgeraldwood - 6 years ago

    Poll This: When using E-Logs, return 8 hours Sleeper Berth time. Allow driver to work out the mix. 2 + 6, 4 + 4 or 8 hrs

  • mrgeraldwood - 6 years ago

    Poll This: When going to E-Logs, return to 8 hours sleeper of Berth time. Then, allow driver to work out the mix. 2 + 6, 4 + 4 or 8 hrs

  • Wayne - 6 years ago

    We need to go back to pre 2004 rules and regs. With all the new electronics onboard the trucks now it would be the best alternative. It wasn't broke to begin with, I don't understand why it had to change. Oh yea, the Feds always have to put their greedy hand in everything as long as they can steel money from a successful business

  • Michael Gully - 6 years ago

    This is long overdue. It has bed. Ridiculous the current HOS have remained in place altered since the 2004 changed with the removal of split sleeper. It has been an infringement on both safety snf quality of life for the driver. All in the name of political favor to anti truck groups which is the railroads in disguise of concerned motorist. There is no such group of motoring public beyond Americsn Automobile Association which has not been at odds with trucking on this.

    It is real simple. A law that allows the driver the flexibility to drive when rested and stop to sleep when tired. The current law prohibits such a safe and sensible approach.

    Leave 34 hour restart suspension in effect.

    14 Hour change to Cummulative Time instead of Consecutivd Time. Return to split sleeper in any combination of 2 splits with minimum of 2-3 hours per break. Allow extension of driving time to compleye run provided a minim 4 hour sleeper birth prior 3 hours before extension of upto 3 hours to complete run. Once run completed off duty extension beyond normal proud in number of hours used to extend run home or to cpletion. This might be a bit too complicated. But ideal to driver life style

    Required safety stop every 3 hours for minimum. 15 minutes as off duty time

    Change of 14 hour cumulative to consecutive there is no valid agreement against such a safety break

    The fuss about the half hour break is only because of eating up the 14 hours.

    With 14 hours based on real drive / work time that argument goes away.

    The above is about safety not political passifying

    The incensed endangerment to safety the last 10 years as result of political power by the railroads is s textbook perfect chapter of the pathetic sadness of Washingtn

    Well pad time to get this made right instead of kicking it down the road with excuses

  • Mike - 6 years ago

    Hours of service speed limiters traffic shippers and receivers holding us up every dot cop wanting to inspect anything. Just to name a couple. Are what's causing driver fatigue do away with daily hours give us 70 hours work how we want then mandatory bresk where'ver you are then full hours again
    Orr better yet. Increase the rates where they should be. Taxi cabs make more per mile then most

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