SPEAK UP: Do you have a family member who served in the military? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Do you plan to attend a Memorial Day parade? 39 YES, 63 NO

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  • wink - 5 years ago

    My husband was a Navigator on a B-24, a Captain, and flew missions out of Italy.

  • Bonnie - 5 years ago

    Our family has a long history of serving honorably in the American, Canadian and British armed forces. Our veterans should never be forgotten or the sacrifices they made.

  • BGV - 5 years ago

    My father served in WW2 . He was on his way to Japan when the 2 atomic boms were dropped. Served in Japan during it's post war reconstruction.

  • tom masch - 5 years ago

    Many men and women took the oath but are NOT Recognized for there service because they did not have active duty and are the ones that are forgotten about 99% of the bills that are past for vets do not include reserved or NG and we can't even get the favor card from duchess or any service from the V.A

  • Jpm - 5 years ago

    My dad and our son

  • Cheri - 5 years ago

    25 years. My grandpa! Master Sgnt!! He was honored by the famous General of Vietnam and WWII General Westmoreland! Buried in West Point along with my grandpa!!! Very proud of him!!

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