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Should the City expand the civil exclusion zone to cover downtown Bend?

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  • Matt Duffers - 7 years ago

    Why do all the Bend Hipsters Feel it necessary to state how long they have resided in Bend? I have only lived in Bend for 8 years, does that mean Nan above has more points then I do. But what if I was born in Portland, can I say I am a native Oregonian and Nan if a transplant loses points? If Born in Wa St and you move to Bend is your opinion more on our point scale then if born in Ca and moved to bend. Just trying to figure out why so many Bend folk always lead with "I have lived in Bend for ......" My grand parents moved to Oregon from Sd, however my parents were born in Oregon, will the Grand Parents thing help or hurt my point standing???

  • Nan Rice - 7 years ago

    That the Bend City Council feels they can (along with the police department) decide who can and can't be downtown is outrageous & unconstitutional. Pretty soon only yuppies and tourists will be allowed downtown. I've lived here 37 years and the westside of Bend looks and behaves like little California instead of the Bend we've raised our kids and worked in. Bend is a great town & we don't need the City Council to tell us how to live or who can be downtown. The City Council would be doing a better job for us if they'd find out where all the funds are going from the outrageous building permit fees that the city is charging, which drives the rent up for working people as the builders pass those costs on to buyers and renters. The Bend Police Department needs to do their job all over the city, not just in downtown Bend.

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