Will David Cameron get Britain a fair deal in the EU?

  • noel swinford - 5 years ago

    David Cameron has lied to the people of this country before the last two election,and the people of this country gave him the benifit of the dout,and now we know the truth he has conned his way for the last time he is worst than prime minister Harold Wilson he lied to the people of this country and called to the people telling us that we were voting for a common market,and now Im saying to you dont for the sake of your children and grand children let him get away with it and vote for leaving we can be great again,do not lisson to what the CBI tells us they are reciving money from the EU> they as well as the BBC have been given they call grants I call them what they are bribes the CBI have so far this year been given 800,000 pounds and the BBC has recived millions of pounds. So think very careful before you vote ,our forfathers fought two world wars to keep us free.and we now must fight to free our self,s from the shackles of the EU.

  • Jan Culley - 5 years ago

    The eu commission and the other 27 eu members NEED GB money to finance eu activities – so much so, the eu CANNOT SURVIVE without it!
    The eu needs to take GB money in order to give it to its pet projects, worthless projects (like building roads costing millions euros that nobody ever uses!!!) to try to justify its existence and, of course, to fund the commissioners life styles that the rest of us can only dream about, whilst at the same time paying itself totally unjustifiable salaries and shovelling mega-euros into its pension pots.
    No other European nation state creates this level of wealth (or at least can exercise such borrowing capacity!!!) as GB so that the eu can take it from us!
    In the same way as asking if turkeys would vote in favour of Christmas, you need to ask yourself if the other 27 eu nation states are likely to relax its grip on ‘the goose which lays the golden egg’? In short, like hell it is!
    GB is currently circa £1.4 TRILLION in debt! £1.4 TRILLION! The annual interest repayments alone cost we GB citizens circa £78 BILLION!!! And the debt rises daily – as we have to borrow more and yet more to GIVE IT AWAY TO THE eu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lower the numbers significantly, to the level of debts incurred running your own household and ask yourself – how much longer do you think you could survive as a household on that basis???
    No, this situation is NOT sustainable and needs to end! GB cannot continue to finance the eu and the other 27 nation states – AND JUST WHY SHOULD WE BE EXPECTED TO?
    Cameron will NOT get agreement from the other 27 eu nation states which allows GB citizens ANY rights OR freedoms – the eu wants to OWN GB, lock, stock and barrel so we citizens (who already have few rights and freedoms left!!!) have NO say, NO rights and NO freedoms left to change anything!
    AND, Cameron knows this!
    The eu is NOT going to GIVE US anything back which it has already taken from us, its intention is to TAKE the rest from us!
    There is only one sure way to end this unholy situation and that is for GB to TAKE BACK its RIGHT to govern itself so it can choose its own priorities!
    GB & NI need to totally withdraw its membership from the evil, illegal, non-elected entity calling itself the eu – the very survival of the United Kingdom depends on it!

  • englishman - 5 years ago

    All Cameron has to do is 'con' the British people into thinking that he has got change. The problem is that the EU is so complicated and its workings so alien to us we wouldn't even know what loop holes were left in via the back door. So any changes would only be superficial and it would be business as usual for the Brussels Mafia. There is only one direction that the Europhiles are going and they will not be moved off course. And their just dragging hundreds of millions of people along with them. Sadly what's important for them is the Federal dream and the people are just annoying minions that are to be tolerated at best.

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