Was Iraq war a mistake?

  • Bill1852 - 6 years ago

    The war in Iraq, aka Gulf Oil War II, was not just a mistake, but a tragic, disastrous and heartbreaking mistake. The real purpose of the war was always about returning Iraqi oil to the free market. Saddam had used oil as a bargaining tool and was tied up in sanction after sanction, so he had to go.

    What we need in Iraq today is the old Saddam back, friendly to US interests and a reliable supplier of crude oil, and a keeper of the peace - Mideast style.

    That we took sides in a 2,000 years’ war was a great unforgivable mistake. Shia and Sunni Muslims have been fighting since the death of Mohammad, and they will be fighting long after we all are dead and gone. That was a strategic blunder on the part of our beloved former president, George W. Bush.

    America could repeat the mistake by electing JEB, and setting the stage for Gulf Oil War III.

    Going to war against a sovereign nation that did not attack the US is not the actions of a just democracy.

    The war in Iraq was a tragic, disastrous and heartbreaking mistake.

  • Yuddaman - 6 years ago

    We deposed a tyrant who was abusing and killing his own people. We eliminated an international bad actor who invaded other countries. We stopped a madman who violated the UN restrictions that were meant to keep him in check. We aborted a source of terrorist threat that only encouraged and enabled other bad actors who came after us. We did the right thing.

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