Is Vancouver mind-numbingly boring?


  • Leonard - 9 years ago

    What an obtuse statement' so the economist should reside in a dangerous city somewhere in the mid east... the whole world has gone Mad'

  • Michael - 9 years ago

    You know what's really Mind-Numbingly Boring? Have you ever read the Economist?

  • Barrie Burton - 9 years ago

    If the writer is wanting lots of dangerous action he should come to Edmonton. We have at least one murder a night, lots of bar fights and huge condo fires started by some one throwing light cigarettes into diaper pots.

  • Kathy - 9 years ago

    Walking, biking and visiting the seawall and Stanley Park is boring? Grouse Grind/Grouse Mountain boring? Capilano Suspension Bridge boring? Concerts in Malcolm Bowl boring? Playing on the seaside boring? Concerts, soccer games, hockey games boring? Hiking all over North Vancouver boring? You get my drift........where do you find these people who say thinking is they probably have to be "entertained" and can't enjoy themselves on their own or without a "wow" effect in their everyday life ............. I actually feel sorry for these people. Just my opinion :)

  • MJK - 9 years ago

    No need to respond appropriately to the opinion of an idiot.

  • Keith Rajala - 9 years ago

    What about a third option. Yes it is boring but I am not okay with that. What other major city in the world has no New Years celebration? Fun can be had and it still can be a safe and clean city. But, boring thanks to the lame mayors and city council Vancouver elects, however, we do have bike lanes!

  • Colin Sharp - 9 years ago

    If there no news, the media will always be boring because there's nothing to broadcast. I guess places where people are getting killed or bombed is more interesting than a safe, quiet neighborhood. I'd like to see someone who calls anywhere in Canada boring to live in a place country like Afghanistan or Syria. Cripes, no news is good news! The media nowadays is trying to create BS news out of nowhere to scare and excite people. Everything is so sensationalized for entertainment value.

  • Elmario - 9 years ago

    Mind numbingly boring?? Nonsense! Have you ever taken your bicycle all the way around False Creek, in through Stanley Park and all the way to the Cruise Ship terminal? Then all the way back to Granville Island for a fresh organic coffee and a just-out-of-the-oven blueberry pizza from Terra Breads? What a wonderful, healthy thing to do, especially if your life is filled with work related stress. Greater Vancouver offers precisely those kinds of things that give us balance in this modern, electro-magnetic overdosed, over worried, fast paced world. For some reason there are those who think that being entertained 24/7 is the only way not to be bored.....

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