Should TLC cancel '19 Kids & Counting'?

  • Selena - 5 years ago

    Don't cancel it. I love 19 kids. Who cares about josh. Cut him out. Do it for the fans. They love 19 kids and counting. Please.

  • sophie - 5 years ago

    cancel this show? seriously? At what point is a person forgiven for mistakes? Who has the right to judge another when they admitted their guilt BEFORE being found out!! Jesus said "go thy way and sin no more" Should all of us have this attitude?? Of course we should!! Judge not that ye be not judged. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9 If God in heaven forgives us who is sinful man to think they have the right to not forgive!! Is the money, to the sponsors, more important than human compassion? Shame on tlc and their sponsors and God continue to bless Josh and the rest of the Duggers!!!!

  • Guiti - 5 years ago

    They should not cancel is because of the mastakes Josh made. If any thing cut Josh as and his family out of the show. but still let 19 kids a counting continue. After so many season they should not stop it because of josh.

  • Mary - 5 years ago

    19 Kids and Counting shouldn't be cancelled! Goodness! This happened twelve years ago plus was dealt with before the show was even started. If anyone actually watched the interview of Jessa and Jill, you would know they weren't posing as a perfect Christian Family. They do make mistakes too. They are real people! The only two things that matter anymore is that the victoms forgave Josh and that Josh learned that that's not right. Plus it was minor inappropriate touching. People make stupid mistakes but they shouldn't have to live with the pain and regret of the stupid mistake they made. Josh and the rest of his family and including the victoms shouldn't have to relive the awful pain.

  • Clara - 5 years ago

    This is not about molestation or family secrets. It's about how a couple and their BELOVED first-born son use the television and media to preach what is right and wrong, whom to support politically, who to date, who to talk to, who to be friends with, who to marry, what to wear, who to hug, et . Etc. etc. so long as it is not about them! ABSOLUTE HYPOCRITES using the name of Jesus and Christianity to justify. This is enough, and stop the financial gravy train...

    Actions speak louder than words - stop the preaching in front t of cameras, and in books! WORK REAL JOBS, WITH REAL PEOPLE DAY IN AND DAY OUT, WITH NO CAMERAS TO HIDE IN FRONT OF, THEN SEE HOW CHRISTIAN YOU REALLY ARE!

  • Tammy gonzalez - 5 years ago

    This is Amazing platform to show the healing and restoration after sexual abuse! Many families are dealing with this same issue and the singer's could give them Hope! I feel the Show should go forward without Josh and focus on the girls and other children

  • Stephanie - 5 years ago

    This is absurd! Everyone is talking about how this was so long ago, and he should be forgiven! He was a young teen! Excuse me?? He was 14! And one of his victims was as young as 5 ! If you found out that your 14 year old neighbor molested your 5 yr old daughter would your response be, "Well, he's young and he should be forgiven. We're not sin free either. " Hell, No! I am a strong Christian that believes in forgiveness, but even the Bible talks about punishment for one's crimes.. If there are cases where a 21 yr old male has to register as a sex offender because he and his CONSENTING 16 year old girlfriend ran off and got married, then the MINIMUM punishment Josh could have is for him to be labeled a "sex offender. " (which by all means he is!) And, for this lucrative endorsement deal of a show be CANCELLED! Jim Bob, Michelle neither one were too worried about their daughters' welfare! They were too concerned about covering up this secret that they knew would destroy this massive empire! And I can tell you another thing, if I had been dealing with something as serious as this with my son, and didn't know quite how to handle the situation, I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T have gone on a reality show, knowing how press find everything about your background. This isn't a discretion such as getting a DUI! But that shows that their hunger for money was more powerful than their daughters' safety, help for Josh, or God..

  • Nunya - 5 years ago

    Enough is enough. Time to stop airing the vain, self-promoting, egotistical Jim Bob. He raised a pervert. He and Michelle are in worse denial than even the gullible sister victims are. They condoned perverted actions by waiting an entire YEAR. ...AFTER the THIRD time Josh himself TOLD them what he'did been up to. Yet Jim Bob has the audacity to claim he put in "safeguards"? Not so "safe", were they? EPIC FAIL and so is that show!

  • Becca - 5 years ago

    Don't cancel it, who cares what josh did, keep/do it for the FANZ.!

  • Glitter Girl - 5 years ago

    Please don't cancel 19 kids and counting. Are they a perfect family? No, but is anyone perfect? No, please do not cancel this show, the Duggars are extremely nice people and this all happened along time ago. Teenagers make stupid mistakes like taking drugs but we all have to forgive them at some point. I but all of us have made a mistake at some point in our lives that we want to take back and do differently. God always forgives for every sin we do. All i'm saying is TLC, don't cancel this show the Duggars are very,very,VERY generous and kind people. I love you Duggars.

  • EMEELIA MAY!!! YAY - 5 years ago

    LEASE DONT CANCEL THE SHOW!! It it the best thing that has happened in my life!!! Who cares if who did what when? I sure don't! I really love this show!!! SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE DON'T CANCEL THE BEST SHOW EVER! Don't cancel my life, my soal, the best show ever, and (in my eyes and heart) my best friends! You can tell how much i love the show if you saw my calendar, every single one of the kids, grand kids and parents names and birthdays (BTW just an extra piece of info, NO B-DAYS THIS MONTH!!! Wow with that many kids you would think that there would be at least one birthday every month but no!!). So to sum up what you learned about me todayis that i LOVE 19Kids And Counting

  • Mag - 5 years ago

    Television has always been for entertainment but to cruelly talk down about a family that is trying to raise their children in a positive way is just as bad. Dont throw stones. All families have issues whether it is drugs drinking stealing or whatever no one is perfect. I'm not saying what josh did isn't wrong what has me upset is that someone purposely is trying to destroy what this family is doing right. This family obviously love each other and will support all their children whether they do something right or wrong. These parents have a hard job trying to instill in those kids right values that sex shouldn't be taken for granted and that loving someone means you have to work together to get it right. No one is perfect except God. Today's world make is too easy to just give up on kids kick them out and just don't want to deal with the problems that kids can cause. Jim Bob and Michelle had a very difficult decision to make after Josh told them what he had been doing and they asked for help thru whatever channels they thought were right under the circumstances. This show should remain and Jim Bob and Michelle should consider allowing those children to attend regular school because school allows children to experience not only education but also the resources and an outlet to talk to other peers their age. A young Josh going into puberty certainly didnt feel like he could talk sex to his parents and his natural curiosity got the better of him. If you look at him today he seems to have learned by his mistakes and has become a fabulous husband and father. Of course we only see what TLC shows us on this family, we really don't know them and we all should not judge unless we are ready to be judged.

  • Donald Penton - 5 years ago

    If you cancel the series 19 kids and counting what are you going to put in its place a show about gay and lesbians that would really turn me off and I will not watch any other show on your network because you want to slant everything to the bad just like all the other networks do. Since you have decided that the family is totally bad you need to look at all the other bad shows out there that makes us parents look totally like idiots and I for one am getting totally sick of those kind of show. Those that are nothing but smut filled that is a very wholesome for our children to watch if we want to loose another generation to smut.

  • Danny - 5 years ago

    Please don't cancel!!!! The family has delt with it, and if they are comfortable with him being around than why take it off the air. And like someone else has said Anna knew before she married and had kids with him and she is comfortable with him. I see no reason to take it off the air. He'll with everyone who wants it off. I love this show

  • Danny - 5 years ago

    Please don't cancel!!!! The family has delt with it, and if they are comfortable with him being around than why take it off the air. And like someone else has said Anna knew before she married and had kids with him and she is comfortable with him. I see no reason to take it off the air. He'll with everyone who wants it off. I love this show

  • judy sivley - 5 years ago

    TLC , I hope and pray you dont cancell the show. People are making this much bigger than it is. I believe in josh dugger. What if all you peoples dirty laundry was out there, how would you feel. I love this show a lot. You moral high horses the hell with you, god loves all the duggers encluding josh. Leave them alone. Funny how Amercia loves to dig up dirt on someone rather be happy with themselves. people your life isnt all that either. Your not christians to me dogging the duggers, grow up america.

  • Penny - 5 years ago

    Please cancel this show. Josh admitted to what he did; however, the girls were still victimized and they continue to minimize what happened? The are hipocrites who want to judge everyone but people in their own family. Shame.

  • Marie E Fryhover - 5 years ago

    I say leave 19 kid's and counting on the air. It's a great show. Put this subject on the show let he who has not every sind or did anything wrong walk away from the show if they want to. PLEASE let this show stay on the air.

  • Mariah Anna - 5 years ago

    Pls cancel the show...

  • teresa lamping - 5 years ago

    I dont think it should be cancelled. It my favorite show on tues they need to talk about on show so everyone has closeure i love this show

  • Linda - 5 years ago

    Please do NOT cancel this show.
    They have done so much good, they have shown all of us a beautiful Christian way of living. They have been witness to all of us about their faith. They live their beliefs.
    Everything was handled and taken care of very appropriately on Michelle and Jim Bob's part. They got Josh and the girls help and counseling, they sent him away from the home, and took him to the police on top of everything else they had done.
    God can take anything, no matter how bad, and make good come out of it.
    We need MORE shows like this, NOT less.
    The devil could not let something this good go on, he wanted to try and take them down.
    Please don't let the devil win this one.

  • elva - 5 years ago

    No I don't think u all showed cancel it if u all do sorry to say but u all stupid u all know how publicity is n how they r they like to put stuff out there when it's not even true n if it is that was long time ago everyone make mistakes nobody's perfect in the world,just cause there famous n come out on tv everyone is human famous or not famous everyone has feelings ,n just to be clear nobody came in to this world with money in their hands so stop blaming him for stuff that's in the pass so please think of what u all gonna do n please don't take of the show 19 kids n counting I love u all hope the show stays on TLC love u all thanks

  • Kailey ball - 5 years ago

    First off the show doesn't need to be canceled karleamey if you want to comment then do your reshearch they weren't trying to hide anything jimbob filed a police report and they are talking on fox news tomorrow about it and he got help and Anna knew 2 years before they got married and she felt comfortable with him and having children with him

  • joe ahepherd - 5 years ago

    Dont cancel please i love this show

  • joe ahepherd - 5 years ago

    Dont cancel please i love this show

  • Gloria Rodriguez - 5 years ago

    Please do not cancel 19 and counting , I'm a big fan of the show so is my granddaughter , I know what hes done was wrong but he was young at the time and he had a lot of help and so did the victims , we are all sinners , no family is perfect , the Lord spoke very clearly when he said and when you stand in prayer forgive whatever you have against anybody so that your father in heaven may forgive your failings too ,, forgiveness brings peace and with that peace overwhelming joy, of knowing that God will forgive me just as I forgive ,,, forgive and you will be forgiven

  • scott young - 5 years ago

    Please don't take this show off my wife loves this show.

  • allie - 5 years ago

    I LOVE THIS SHOWWWWW!!!! Just don't include josh in the show

  • jacob regner - 5 years ago

    I LOVEEEEEEEE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma P - 5 years ago

    You don't even know if Josh did it!! Someone could have just said that u know!! Why don't somebody make proof that he did it. NO DO NOT CANCEL THE SHOW!! Actually a lot of people would like to know about what it's like with 19 kids.

  • karleamey - 5 years ago

    This show definitely needs to be pulled from TLC. Outside of that, child protective services needs to intervene and pull those innocent girls from that home and do a complete investigation. Regardless of the age of the offender, these innocent girls (5 and counting?) were victims of sexual predator. This is not just a young boy making a mistake. We know enough about child sex offenders that they are wired that way. Child protective services needs to also investigate this offender's own family, as it is certain they are also victims at the hands of this pedophile. The fact these parents covered this up to protect their image and allowed the statute of limitations to expire, shows where their true intentions are. Counseling for these victims was supposed to fix this problem? Obviously one of the children was smart enough to try and expose this horrible offender by leaving the letter in a book. You have to know there are other things going on behind those closed doors that is left as cover ups. TLC not canceling this show indicates they support and condone this offender and their actions. This is NOT a mistake. This is criminal activity, with innocent children as the victims. TLC, you need to do the right thing......... I will not watch another thing on your network until you have taken the appropriate action.

  • Kristina Webster - 5 years ago

    This show needs to be cancelled. Take all the emotion away and your religious beliefs away from it and see it for what the facts are; he was a teenager at the time who molested 1+ young children. He did not go through any judicial systems. His parents were his judge and jury. Incredibly sad and incredibly wrong.

  • Bobby - 5 years ago

    This is the lamest reality cult show ever! This whole family is messed up! No one cares, how many fucking babies can pop out of your loose vag.The Duggars need to be cancelled immediately. TLC, get your head out of your ass. You can clearly see that with all the signed petetions, means that no one gives a fuck,about 19 kids and counting.

  • a fan - 5 years ago

    from my understanding he did not molest his sisters! so no one is being victimized by being in the show.he was a teen. I do not condone what he did but him and the victims did receive counseling so I think the show should stay but cameras not go to his house. he shouldn't be on camera unless with the rest of his family. and him and everyone who knew needs to address it head on. it seems they learned from his mistakes. great show, I've watched it since I was little when they first started. I think TLC would be making a huge mistake by canceling.

  • Donna voodnight - 5 years ago

    Yes cancel the Duggars permanently..stop the sick reality shows. They are hypocrites and everyone that wants them back on the air is as sick as they are. It is a cult!!!

  • Cathy - 5 years ago

    The show should definitely be canceled. Given what Josh has done and how the family did not respond appropriately, their show should be removed from the air, permanently. After preaching that they are Holier than thou, and are obviously not, they need to go away, far, far away. Why give them a platform to promote their scary brand of religion that only serves to propagate sexual abuse? And what of the victims in this case. Did Josh or any member of their family ever apologize for the pain they caused to the victims? If TLC continues to promote this show, it is basically condoning sexual abuse and colluding with the perpetrators. If the show continues, how will the victims ever feel like they are validated and then can heal?

  • N Martin - 5 years ago

    The series doesn't need to be canceled, but the charges need to be faced on TV and described as to what happened. Michelle needs to not be so judgemental of others. Judge less you be judged should have a familiar ring to her.

  • me - 5 years ago


  • June - 5 years ago

    I've had many discussions with friends that this is a normal family and enjoyed them as such. Since I never believed that among 19 kids something had to be going on sometime, i.e. kisses, sex, minor problems with the law, etc., I didn't expect perfection and didn't get it. I think the show should stay as is ( without Josh) and use it as a lesson to other families and kids growing up. I can't believe the network would lose this chance to present how a basically decent family can have bad things happen, like other families, and turn it into an object lesson, if scripted correctly. I was getting sick of the goody-goody approach anyway, plus there are way, way more disgusting things on TV that have no business being there.

  • Patricia Curley - 5 years ago

    The girls in this family have been molested by their brother, then victims again as their parents supported their brother and covered it up, keeping him in the home where he continued his molestation. The girls were then exploited by being forced to be on a reality show, where they had to pretend that they lived in a healthy home environment. Then their pain and shame was made public across the nation and around the world once the truth was known. And TLC is considering a spin-off show with some of the victims, exploiting them even further?

  • Sandy - 5 years ago

    Wow. 100% responses "absolutely." Guess the funnies wake up late...

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