Will the expanding roster of GOP candidates lead to a weak nominee?
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  • Bill1852 - 6 years ago

    The last time out, in 2012, America was treated to a cavalcade of carnival barkers, one tripping over the next to get to the right of their opponents. We saw gasoline being sold at $2.00 a gallon before the price dropped to $1.50. We had Obama-care and literally all things Obama stripped out of existence on day #1. We had $5 Trillion in tax cuts, to be paid for by closing loopholes, which probably included axing the mortgage interest deduction, and seeing a new tax on employer paid benefits (aimed at the middle class), while businesses would also pay less (aimed at the upper class).

    As bizarre as the candidates were, the crowds were just as bad, if not worse. We saw a roar of approval when the candidates were asked if a 45 year old man with a bad heart and no insurance should be left to die. And we also saw a roar of approval when asked if VA benefits should be cut in support of our veterans who risked their lives, so that our lives would be safe.

    And who could forget the show of hands (all of them) when asked if government and not Wall Street were responsible for the Great Bush Recession?

    Some of us grew up watching the “The Three Stooges”, well, if you are ready for a really good laugh – just wait for the 2016 Republican National Debates. There will be the FOX Faithful and a dozen stooges.

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