SPEAK UP: Should medical marijuana be more easily accessible in New York? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Have you had a car accident in the past year? 21 YES, 206 No

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  • darla - 4 years ago

    just because the goverment can't tax something like medical marijuana they don't want new yorker's to have it. and it's just not right that people have to suffer because of the goverment. and most of all the PEPOLE THAT SERVED OUR COUNTRY IS THE ONE'S THAT NEED IT FRIST PF ALL WHY WOULD'NT HELP THEM OUT AFETR THE DONE FROUGHT FOR OUR LIVES TO SAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERCIA... NOW AMERICA NEEDS TO HELP OUR PEOPLE OUT AND MAKE IT LEGAIL

  • Gary - 4 years ago

    What would you like a pot head or heroine a addict

  • Anonmymous - 4 years ago

    Marijuana is not the bogeyman. It clearly has medicinal value, so make it possible for NY residents in need to be able to obtain it. There are so many more harmful substances that are available under a doctor's supervision that can also be abused. As I said, marijuana is not the bogeyman.

  • Colleen - 4 years ago

    Why have so many individuals suffer, when a safe and reliable plant is available that could alleviate pain and control so many various symptoms? Medical Marijuana isn't the same stuff that plenty of people smoke to get High, it's bred so it has a difference balance of components within that have a different affect on the body. The science is there, it's long over due for NYS to review the facts, and make real medicine available to it's citizens.

  • charlotte mann - 4 years ago

    I have a cat dying of a slow growing fibrous tumor. He is clearly in pain, but still enjoying life to the extent possible through his pain. Medical marijuana would help him more fully enjoy the life he has remaining and would significantly ease his transition into death.

  • Allen Mckinney - 4 years ago

    We've got millions of people addicted to prescription pain medicine which is really nothing more than pharmaceutical grade heroin so I fail to see the big deal. Apparently the medical marijuana industry does not contribute money to politicians at the same rate as big pharma. Like most things, just follow the money.

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