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  • Michael Nolan - 4 years ago

    William Tell has been an exceptional resource in the fifteen years I've been living in Hopewell. I believe it's been just twice in all the visits I've made that they didn't have whatever odd thing I needed. At least twice, too, they did have it, but didn't realize it. (I had more faith in their inventory than the folks working there who were helping me.) I've also been mistaken for a sales person a few times over the years, and happily oblige, as I've gotten to know the place so well.

  • Linda Walters - 4 years ago

    My brother and I moved up to Hopewell with our spouses in the early 1980's from Flushing (Queens) NY. Whenever our dad ( a real handyman in his own mind) came to visit from Flushing, he would always stop first at William Tell's Hardware even before coming to see us. He was a kid in a candy store at William Tell's. We always laughed when he would finally arrive at our homes loaded with his purchases from the hardware store to bring back home with him. I am sure my dad will be watching over them with a smile on his face as they rebuild.

  • Ken - 4 years ago

    I was very happy this morning on my way to work to see the sign announcing the rebuild.

  • Mary Covucci - 4 years ago

    A real hometown small business with a wealth of knowledge and inventory. Previous to moving to Dutchess 30 years ago I shopped at their store in Cross County Yonkers. Whenever I stepped inside the store I was transformed back in time to the type of hardware stores I grew up with. Aisle after aisle of an assortment of items many not easily found elsewhere. You could always find what you needed for a project and the advice to go along with it. These are the kind of small businesses that need the community's support. Hope to see a long line of customers on opening day. Looking forward to it.

  • Dave - 4 years ago

    Great service by super friendly and helpful people.....I'm happy they are going to rebuild...Thanks for being a part of our community

  • Sandra - 4 years ago

    A fabulous hardware store and indispensable despite this age of the huge chain supply retailers. They know their stock, can answer questions, had everything I ever needed and some things I didn't know I needed-all those novel and hard to find items. Rebuild soon.

  • Dave Weaving - 4 years ago

    Great place; hope they rebuild soon

  • Tom Frenza - 4 years ago

    Shopped there for 30 years. The staff were always helpful. Always had everything. I am glad they are rebuilding..

  • nancy tolman - 4 years ago

    The best hardware store ever - had absolutely everything you need. Hope they rebuild.

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