Fathers Beats Son Up For Smoking Weed In His House Right Or Wrong [POLL]


  • Nidia Carrillo - 9 years ago

    Not right at all to get that crazy and have so much hate on him I believe he's only learning what he sees.ask him what's going on ask him questions talk to him.we don't want are kids to put up with that or be in sure that's y the fathers mad cuz he's hurt but y hurt him like that I actually cried this was so selfish and so wrong of a father we don't even have enough fathers out here to b going this bullshit.lets live one another protect one another and join together to make a better future for our kids violence is never the answer

  • Shannon baldus - 9 years ago

    Fuck that!!!!! That man is hitting him and his son isn't even fighting back!!! He could of hit him only in places that would not be the face!!! Asshole dads!!!! Only a stupid dad would think this is the right ounishment

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