What do you think? Is 'smart' technology making us dumber?

Posted 4 years.


  • Cheryl Barron - 2 years ago

    My teen son can't write in script. He can't write more than a paragraph. Book reports have been replaced by computerized 10 question quiz on the book.Critical thinking is a dinosauer to these kids and their teachers. Everythin g was pre-printed and answers provided them. They never copied off the blackboard. Whole parts of the human brain are being waisted. Sight does not equal write!

  • Pierre Lemay - 4 years ago

    Society as a whole is becoming dumber . I see people on their (some spell it there , I don't know why ,) phones googling and parroting info and not remember it the next day . Kids today don't even know how to spell or use correct punctuation , I should OF , could OF , would OF . This from college AND university adults yet .(I hate the guy who came up with the contraction idea ) . The phones are a perfect tool for these kids to use abbreviated language and all. Anyways , that is my opinion

  • Joseph Bradley - 4 years ago

    As someone who has been working in the tech industry for about fifteen years I see the amazing changes that have taken place in that world. On the one hand it makes everything that we do easier and faster because it does it for us. On the other hand, because of this, we don't need to think to get the things done that we need. So, yes, technology is making us dumber. A friend working as a cashier in a retail store tells me that working as a cashier makes you stupid because the computer/cash register tells her everything she needs to do so she does not have to think about things like correct change or imputing coupons. And it will only continue.

    And technology can and is making us very lazy. The Apple Watch is a thing of beauty that many people love. But, it also makes it so we do not have to pull our phones out of our pockets to use it. And this, "I'm too lazy to take my phone out of my pocket" is a big selling point for the watch. And you are paying from 350 to 17,000 dollars for this lazy privilege. I wonder what's next? Remember the movie, WALLY?

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