Who's worse?

  • Marcus - 7 years ago

    Ramsay is so much worse, and that's no insult (?) to the awfulness that is Joffrey. Admittedly, Joffrey got struck down before he reached his prime, but Arya disarmed that dude and could've killed him way before she'd ever met

  • Cappadonna - 7 years ago

    Joffrey was a dumb rich kid who did what he wanted because, well, he was young dumb and rich. Other than hookers, he got other people to do his torturing for him. Also, as Rod pointed out - Joffrey has been pimp smacked by Tyrion and ran like a little girl with a skinned knee when Stannis attacked King's Landing.

    Ramsey, OTOH, appears to have been a complete psycho from the day he was born. His father officially adopted just to quell his crazy - not that it worked. Ramsey doesn't need other people to fight for him, he'll take you on himself, naked with a pair of knives he probably pulled out his kitchen drawer. Also, I really can't see Joffrey torturing some dude in his bedroom for several weeks, let alone castrating him withhis bare hands. And even Joffrey didn't have the balls to rape Sansa - let alone rape repeatedly.

    Joffrey is the George W. Bush of Westeros - he talked big but everyone knew his VP (his uncle, his, his auntie-momma and finally Grandpa Lannister) ran the show. Ramsey Bolton is the Trillest Break Baby in the Seven Kingdoms, best believe he's about that life.

  • SkyJammer - 7 years ago

    So listening to this podcast today I drifted into a very disturbing and weird fantasy...

    So Rod was a little under the weather and you could tell from his first words.. slightly congested and a little higher pitch was in his voice.. kinda sounded like the son on Cleveland Show..

    Now the guest for today show was Ba - never herd this dude before.. and no disrespect... he kinda sounded like the Dad from Cleveland show...

    So for the whole podcast - I kept drifting off imagining that the son and dad from the Cleveland show was doing a game of thrones review... ahh it was magical...

    So I am sorry you were sick but that was too funny to me...

    Peace.. and

    My point - LOL

  • Black Gaytheist Pilot - 7 years ago

    Joffrey was a petulent, childish coward who did not have any of the people-manipulating skills that his family was famous for. You could see him about to do something nasty and cruel from a mile away. On the other hand, Ramsay is cunning, strategic, and willing to do his own dirty work. Even his cruelty has a purpose, as twisted as it is. And when Ramsey is ready to fight, he's the naked man in the street holding a sword that NO ONE wants to run up on.

  • Mopic - 7 years ago

    You do realize Joffery always had adults keeping him in check, Jamie, Cersei, Tyrion and Tywin who he was always afraid of, He knew better then to get on Tywin's bad side.

    Joffery enjoyed beating up on the helpless as he knew his kings guards, the gold cloaks (tywins men), the Hound, where always there to bail him out of trouble.

    Now, if joffery was alived at this point in GOT with NO adults other then crazy Cersei., He would be a total monster....

    Where as Ramsay Was alone until He had no choice but to get with his father, Who only took him in because he had not heirs alive...Ramsay Is one of those CRAZIES who likes to get his hands dirty and be in the middle of the mix... Again his constant complaining about getting bored..

    Image if that scene had Ramsay who got sh*t thrown at him., oh hell,l he would've did a ron artiest and went in the stands and clocked him a couple people ....


  • PrinceLeron - 7 years ago

    I think that Joffrey got kind of a bad rap. People only tend to focus on the killing and torture. People never bring up the fact that he reduced dwarf unemployment by 5000%. And look what happened to dwarfs after he died. But in all seriousness what did Joffrey really do other than troll people? He killed small animals and that one prostitute, Ros. And let's not forget that Joffrey was not that smart.

    Ramsay has done way more than Joffrey and did not need the Hound beside him for protection. Ramsey always put in his own work. And Ramsey killings are way more unexpected. People knew when they were in in Joffrey's sight. You could be kicking with Ramsay one moment and getting hunted by dogs the next. And Joffrey had to be king to do all that, Ramsay did his mostly as a bastard.

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