Would you ever use a selfie stick? (Poll Closed)

  • No, they look stupid
    149 votes

  • No, I would never take selfie/I have no need for one
    217 votes

  • Yes, I have and found it useful
    10 votes

  • Yes, but not for taking a selfie
    30 votes

  • Yes, but I don't currently own a selfie stick
    19 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • Howard Forton - 4 years ago

    if they bring a bit of joy or help people enjoy photography why not? That they "look silly" is the most ludicrous reason for not wanting to use one.

  • Nick Trye - 4 years ago

    The most obvious use would be to beat the user with it.

  • lurcio - 4 years ago

    Selfie sticks, like the selfie is just a passing fad and will, in time, fade into the obscurity it deserves, I find it objectionable that they are tolerated in public places when a tripod isn't

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