SPEAK UP: Would you drive to Sugar Loaf to see a concert? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Should state provide more child care aid? 64 YES, 135 NO

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  • W.L.Barton - 4 years ago

    About fifteen years ago, I drove from Poughkeepsie to Kansas City to see (and hear) Clapton. Compared to that, Sugar Loaf is like a trip around the block.

  • Brad Narthington - 4 years ago

    The only way I would drive to Sugar Loaf for a concert is if a band with either the words "sugar" or "loaf" in their name is playing there. So Meatloaf - yes. Sugar - yes. Salt n Pepa - no.

  • Colleen - 4 years ago

    Of course!! Music is invaluable :)

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