Do you think the Langevin Bridge should be renamed?

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  • Wanda Hauck - 5 years ago

    Langevin Bridge and Langevin School and anything Langevin should be renamed. His views on natives was discusting. I'm glad true history is finally coming out and maybe there will be more understanding of native issues and people will stop looking down on them. It's time for the healing to begin now that all is being revealed. This horror started how long ago and still to this day people are still affected

  • David Soltess - 5 years ago

    Enough with historic revisionism already. Residential schools are an ugly, ugly fact. The people behind them likewise. But things like trying to expunge them from the public record adds insult to their victims, and we certainly do no service to them or their suffering by pretending things weren't so for the sake of political correctness. Better to leave the name, and put up a honking, huge plaque explaining Langevin's role in this disgraceful episode from our past. Make the bridge a focal point in a real truth and reconciliation process by having an annual commemorative ceremony there in honour everyone who was so deeply violated by this man and the government of the day's policies.

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