Will you be boycotting Tim Hortons?


  • Fred - 9 years ago

    So the people who complain and protest is fine its their right but if they protest over a perceived belief of a company right or wrong any paid ad is not necessarily the belief of the company airing it. You can not please everyone

  • Randy - 9 years ago

    I'm pretty sure we can get 28000 to sign exactly the opposite in favour of the O&G companies and their pipes that provide the real money for not only Alberta but the rest of the country. Recall the stats a while ago showing how Albertans are the ones overfunding their province and Canada while other provinces live off of subsidies. People need to understand that money doesn't grow on trees or oxygen. Well financed countries are the best at maintaining and studying the environment. Poverty hurts the environment way more, and it's hard to then change your mind.

  • Jesse - 9 years ago

    This story is most disturbing because it highlights how small, radical minorities exert profound influence over gutless, milquetoast CEOs, politicians and others who will not stand up to them out of FEAR. Political correctness has corrupted any concept of courage and principal. We are a nation of scoundrels and wimps.

  • Michael D - 9 years ago

    People who boycott Tim's are ridiculous. Because a company decides on a policy for themselves they should not be bullied by supporters/workers of the oil industry because their feelings are hurt. I doubt it will have any effect on peoples use of fossil fuels supplied by Enbridge, affect jobs or the Alberta economy and nobody even really cares or notices what ads are played while they are in line to buy a doughnut anyways. Makes me happier I don't drive and don't work for a company that feels it necessary to take on a coffee chain because of a stupid commercial trying to sell a dead pipeline idea not supported by thoughtful people.

  • Beth - 9 years ago

    Oh my gosh people, get a grip! Trying to boycott Tim Horton's because they pull Enbridge ad(s) is absolutely ludicrous. You should be commending them for listening to the masses from across the country and the masses have spoken loud and clear. Tim Horton's is a coffee/donut franchise not greedy oil tycoons.You should also be commending them on all the jobs they provide across this country and for all of the children they send to summer camp(s) and for supporting hockey programs, soccer,swimming,skating ,t-ball,baseball etc..etc..They also support Earth Day across the country with many environmental activities and events going on. Not to mention all the funds they raise for local charities all across Canada and the United States.

  • unknown - 9 years ago

    i'll continue to go i have kids i am supporting the children and free speech or not the children shouldn't suffer at the hands of a corporation or the people that vouch for them be aware i know people on the rigs and they have children too

  • Jennifer - 9 years ago

    I will continue to drink Tim Hortons. People always find a way to protest something...literally it is pathetic to waste time on such things. Across Canada, whatever !!!! Remember when they send kids to camp, employ someone you know, the good things Tim Horton does.

  • Doug - 9 years ago

    I agree Tims does a lot for communities across Canada. All the more reason for them not to have caved into the demands of a bunch of enviro nuts from the USA. I go to Tims every day but today I went to McDonalds and I will continue to go there until Tims reverses their decision. At some point you have to make a stand for the workers of this province who are involved in the oil & gas industry and their families who depend on it to put food on the table & clothes on their backs. Once you start down the road of appeasing every group of idiots who oppose something you will find that is a long journey to nowhere.

  • Betty-Lou Campbell - 9 years ago

    While I often sign on to the petitions on Sumofus.com for their various causes, their beef with Tim's seems a bit too over the top. Tim Horton's does a lot of great things for our community. My husband and I travelled to Halifax a few years back. We had a stop over in Hamilton to pick up 180 children who were going to Tim Horton's camps. I will never forget how emotional we all felt when those kids came on board that plane.
    As far as Enbridge showing their ads in Tim's, I believe in free speech and they should be able to show them. If you do not want to watch it then don't.

  • That Which Survives - 9 years ago

    Big Oil is nothing but pure GREED,nothing like a Harsh Reality check with the slumping price of Oil.living High off the Hog,the Good Times don't last forever.Keystone Pipeline is Dead in the Oil the US President Obama will KILL IT because it does not benefit the US one little bit.

  • Unknown - 9 years ago

    Do people not realize everything Tim Horton's does in our community? Kids Camps? Sending over 18,000 kids to camp this year, plus Tims hockey for kids? Do you realize that if you stop buying coffee and BOYCOT Tim Hortons your always taking away from the kids. There will be NO MORE SENDING KIDS TO CAMP AND NO MORE TIMS HOCKEY. Be smart people and get over yourselves.

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