Is Serena Williams The GOAT Ladies Tennis Player?


  • HC - 8 years ago

    Three things on why I love Serena, other than the obvious:

    1) Serena crip walked at one of the enduring global symbols of white privilege, Wimbledon. Possibly the blackest moment in sports.

    2) the tennis media that hates Serena used to talk about how she could have been one of the all time greats but wasted her prime doing things like fashion. That was like 10 years and 12 majors ago.

    3) Rod mentioned that Serena wasn't petty because she went back to that racist tournament. Nice gesture, but she petty as hell. That same hating media crowned Maria Sharapova the beautiful new face of tennis after she beat Serena at Wimbledon one year. Not only has Serena beaten her 16 straight times since, but makes a point of dragging that poor girl when they play in majors so the media can't ignore it. The petty gawd

  • Rachel Dolezal - 8 years ago

    Hell yeah she is !!! Listen, Serena is Dy-NO-MITE! And I totally agree with Karen, tell them honey child. Those crackas have got to stop hating on her.

  • Olivia - 8 years ago

    Serena Williams is the GOAT American athlete. Nobody else has 20 years of dominance in their sport. Her achievement is unprecedented.

  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    Serana Williams is close to being the greatest women's tennis player ever. Right now, only Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf outrank her in grand slam titles. That says a lot about her as an athlete. She's even better than the previous GOAT for Ladies' Tennis, Billie Jean King. Barring an injury, she'll beat Steffi Graff's record for Singles Grand Slam titles in the next year or so. And she's looking a gorgeous comic book Amazon while doing it! That woman's as close as natural selection can get to creating She-Hulk or Power Girl. #BlackExcellence

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