Who would you rather see win the north?

  • Jasmine Symone - 7 years ago


  • JW - 7 years ago

    Dammit Stannis… here’s whats frustrating...I can’t even say he messed up with this decision. Is it terrible? Hell yeah its terrible… But he was in a no win situation and Melisandre has come through before. He would not have done this if Ramsay hadn’t destroyed his camp. But since he did, at least this way there is a POSSIBILITY for everyone that followed him to not die on the snowy King’s Road… in theory. They have no food and only a few horses. If they try to go back to the Wall, they die. If they stay there, they die. If they get to Winterfell and lose to the Boltons because their seige weapons were destroyed, they die AND get flayed(including Shireen), cause we know how they do. But The ONLY way Stannis can redeem himself now is if the sacrifice works, then they take Winterfell, kill the Boltons, and then he kills Melisandre publicly. Its hard to even try and justify what he did, but it seems he felt the burden of bringing all those soldiers, who have families themselves, out here to certain death because of his ambitions and apparently burning Shireen was the only out. Stannis faced the most difficult decision so far in this entire series, and they better beat these Boltons, but it would be a bittersweet victory that would change him forever, hopefully enough to make him realize Melisandre needs to be dealt with… I mean… what person would make a better sacrifice than Melisandre herself? But all in all, the moral of the story is don't bring your famly out on a two week march in a snowstorm.

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