Should Paseo Stadium be limited to only sporting events? (Poll Closed)

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Posted 4 years.


  • Mangachong - 4 years ago

    they are good baseball players who left us in this life time their souls are in heaven their hearts are with their love ones but their pride and the love for baseball is in Paseo Stadium and you want to deminish their memories by recking guams only baseball stadium no shame or respect.

  • Mangachong - 4 years ago

    they are good baseball players who left us in this life time their souls are in heaven their hearts are with their love ones but their pride and the love for baseball is in Paseo Stadium and you want to deminish their memories by recking guams only baseball stadium no shame or respect.

  • Johnny Delgado - 4 years ago

    Paseo is he spiritual home of baseball on Guam. It's the heart and soul of the sport. Professional ballplayers like John Hattig of the Toronto Blue Jays got their start there; visiting players like former NY Yankee and Yomiuri Giant Hideki Matsui trained there; it has been the site of packed stadium crowds watching domestic championship games of high level baseball; and even saw Guam come back to beat American Samoa three games to two after losing the first two games in the 1999 Olympic qualifiers. Soccer is popular now, and doing great things, which is good for Guam. But why can't someone figure this out and help restore baseball's glory on Guam. There are tens of thousands of current and former players--including kids who have a legitimate chance to play collegiate or professional baseball, and Guam must get behind repairing this facility once and for all. Of course, someone also needs to look at the Guam Baseball Federation and put some people in place who once again know how to run the sport properly. It's run by the same old GNOC stooges, unfortunately. Either way, Paseo is baseball on Guam. Time to do the right thing and upgrade and maintain properly all year long for the sport of baseball and its rich heritage.

  • J Alverez - 4 years ago

    It is a baseball field, common sense. Since this is GVB sponsored event, which there job is bring tourist to Guam, I want to know how many tourist were at the concert. I bet barely none were tourist. So why are they spending this money to have a party that doesn't bring tourist, yet destroys a community's field. This is when you have people who are not athletes are plain stupid and think they know it all. Sad day for sports on Guam. They should make Paseo a zero Alcohol zone , because youth are always there.

  • Frank Cruz - 4 years ago

    Yes...It is intended for sports activities only. Hello, it is a baseball field. The same people that want to open up Paseo to other events are the same people destroying it. Obviously they are not athletes and just want to party out and drink beer tearing-up the sports fields. Look what GVBs concert just did to the whole field. It wasn't in the best shape, but now it is a complete disaster. What would you tell a kid that his season is over because a group of people wanted to party-out on it? Be real for once people.

  • Kelly Fitzpatrick - 4 years ago

    Absolutely not. Instead, invest in proper drainage and turf so the field will not be torn up every time an event, a game, or a rainstorm occurs. I would direct Legislative attention to Blue Jacket Field on Naval Base Guam. It has been used for similar events with absolutely no damage, and been available next day for sporting events. The Paseo location is a prize which could and should be enjoyed by all.

  • Bobby Shringi - 4 years ago

    The legislation opens up with the language "Notwithstanding any other provisions of the law", which means if future legislation is introduced identifying Paseo Stadium as the location for an event (let's say FestPac), then it supersedes this potential law. Rather then passing legislation, why not give the discretion to the director and the commission. There are financial opportunities that Paseo could lose out on if they restrict utilization. Allow entities to attain a bond for example, or pay a maintenance fee, and a stipulation in their contract that the grounds must be back to status quo in 48 hours. There are opportunity dollars here for DPR. Furthermore, lets get some TAF or tax credit program to repair the area surrounding Paseo and the joggers area. The facility is literally a dump, and needs a face lift. Paseo is in the heart of our capital, and should be a pride, and its present condition is far from that.

  • James Cruz - 4 years ago

    Why do we need a law to be passed? There are ways to ensure the field is being used properly. The current, present and future Directors of Parks and Recreation should have the ultimate responsibility to make decisions on the use of the sport facilities. The Government is in need of finances (money). With the limited areas to hold big events, they can earn funds to promote sports and to clean up the parks ect. The Legislature is too reactive. One complaint and it needs to introduce a bill. PLEASE stop with the introduction of bills just for the sake of politics. just saying.....

  • Kyle - 4 years ago

    The stadium is a dump anyways what is all the fuss about, maybe this will actually get someone out there to clean it up so you can actually call it a facility

  • Jurel Bennett - 4 years ago

    Everyone has the right to use the facility as it is intended. If it is a sports facility or a baseball facility it should be reserved for those services. The Paseo Stadium is designed to facilitate and grow the recreational sport of baseball, thus the services that if renders should protect and support that aim. If the services that if offers goes against that vision, then the vision is not baseball. There are other facilities, programs, services and opportunities that can enable community objectives. Using the facility for non-baseball objectives will not ensure the vision for the baseball members in the community.

  • Bill Bennett - 4 years ago

    The Paseo Stadium as we know it today is not a respectful safe baseball facility. And has not been for a long long time. For various reasons the stadium and field playing surface have never done justice to the level of Guam player standards. The current caretaker of the Paseo Stadium does not have the will, expertise, to make it a facility we all can be proud of. GVB activities will always trump baseball community schedules and events. If the baseball community truly wants to have a sports only facility for Paseo Stadium, then the answer is to privatized and managed by those who care and have the ability. There are much better locations on Guam to hold a concert than a broken down, unsafe, embarrassing Paseo Baseball Field.

  • Jeff Muna - 4 years ago

    Paseo is already in bad condition, not just the field but the entire facility itself needs a face lift. Locker rooms and restroom areas are always flooded with leaking water lines and not too long ago raw sewage was spotted entering the field from these locker rooms. Grand stand seating is a disaster because a large number of seats are either cracked or a hazard to sit on. Bottom line is, Paseo is over used due to lack of functional facilities around the entire island. Leo Palace is just too expensive for the local baseball community to afford. We dont need major non sporting events in Paseo anymore because conditions are already bad for the activity that it was intended for. BASEBALL

  • Gerald Borja - 4 years ago


  • Jessey Pereda - 4 years ago

    Yes, paseo stadium should only be used for sporting events (baseball) it is the only field that is in fair condition that give our baseball community, the aduts and our young aduts to perform at there best.

  • Victor Fernandez - 4 years ago

    It's a baseball field. Baseball being the key word

  • June Yurko - 4 years ago


  • Richard Camacho - 4 years ago

    With the stipulation all non sporting events will have a site stipulated in the bill. Remember everyone pays taxes and they have every right to use Public property, so stipulate a public site for non sporting events.

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