Do you believe the Baltimore prosecutors have the evidence to support the harshest charges against the officers who interacted with Freddie Gray?


  • Ava Burns - 5 years ago

    While I agree that the only infraction was not following proper procedure, also consider that those procedures - both the mandatory vs. officer's discretion on both calling for an ambulance and restraining in the back of a wagon, were DAYS old. Prior to April 9th, when those changes went out via department wide email, it was officer discretion in both instances. Not to mention the state will have to prove that these 6 officers were informed about the changes. And that the wagon man, (who is only a wagon man because he volunteered to drive the wagon instead of a patrol car that day as it's not a permanent position,) was trained on how to restrain a prisoner in the back of a wagon, maintaining the safety of the prisoner as well as his own. And remember, these officers had worked this beat for a while. They knew Gray and at least one or two had previously witnessed Gray being dramatic during an arrest/ encounter with police. So to the officers, his actions outside the van would not have been anything out of character for him. Also, an ambulance was called at Dolphin St., but the dispatcher for emergency services made a mistake dispatching which is why the wagon headed toward the station as opposed to Central Booking... The Western District station is next door to the fire station that houses the trauma response EMT/ Fire team. this will all come out and fair minded people will see how political and unethical Mosby's actions have been throughout all of this.

  • david hoffman - 5 years ago

    The only infraction , was not following proper procedure.

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