SPEAK UP: Should teachers unions spend money lobbying? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Will you attend Taste of Country Sunday? 4 YES, 106 NO

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  • mike C - 5 years ago

    Mark, union dues comes out of a teachers PAYCHECK.....and union dues do NOT pay for lobbying.....

  • Manfred J. Hocmuth - 5 years ago

    Everyone else is allowed to lobby. Illegal aliens lobby. Foreign countries lobby. Local and state governments lobby the federal government. Politicians lobby each other. The trial lawyers lobby. The medical associations lobby. Nurses lobby. Unions, private industry and public, lobby. NGOs and charities lobby. This list could go on. In light of this fact, can anyone explicate a justifiable reason why teachers, and only teachers, should not be allowed to lobby?

  • Doris Kelly - 5 years ago

    They shouldn't have to, but when you have a government intent on destroying public education so our tax dollars will increase the profits of private school owners, what choice do they have?

    Any organization which accepts our tax dollars, should be audited by the state whether they are public, private, or parochial.

  • Mart Warren - 5 years ago

    The public does not pay teacher union dues any more than they pay dues for any other organization. Teachers do not like to spend money fighting against billionaires willing to throw money away so that they can privatize education.

  • MaryAnn Duane - 5 years ago

    as long as the public education system is under attack they have no choice. What about the millions and millions and millions Cuomo and his cronies and the lobbiests are pouring into those deceptive feel good commercials that seem to air every 10 minutes?

  • Mark pliakos - 5 years ago

    No. Otherwise the public pays twice: once when tax money goes to teacher Union dues and second time when public wants to counter the lobbying done by the unions.

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