Would you watch a Rachel Dolezal reality show?


  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    If I'm not into Iggy Azalea and never watched the Duggars, why would I watch the Saccharine Soul Sister Show. That's like being drug free all your entire life and then wanting to try an eight ball and Meth. That's a quantum leap of stupid.

    As for the as illiterate Hotep dudes defending this woman's Sojourner Truth Cosplay, what can you say? There's no jigging like Kente Cloth jigging.

  • Bzelilgal - 8 years ago

    Fuck no!

  • FizzyChizzy - 8 years ago

    This cultural tourism HAS TO END. I am tired, as a Black woman, of having people masquerade around pretending to be black (Rachel), trying to "sound" black (Iggy), or trying to look black (almost all the Kardashians except Kendell and Courtney). This needs to end. Just be yourself. Black people are willing to accept and forgive EVERYTHING. They accept James Brown and Chris Brown after they have beaten their significant others. They accept R Kelly's pedophilia. We give away "Black" cards to Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and any other musician that kind of shows a love/appreciation for Black music or culture. Rachel didn't need to do all of this. She would be more beneficial to the movement if she was just a white woman that had empathy for the struggle.

    I wish I could take off this Black woman costume I have on. I am in a lot of white spaces all the time. I am the only Black woman in my office. The only Black person in my office, period. I went to a predominately white private school for 10 years. Then I went to a predominately white university. There are not a lot of black people in my job field. I wish I could just identify as a white woman. Its so easy for Rachel. Why isn't it that easy for me?

    The fact that this White Woman pretending to be Black is benefiting from White privilege is also disgusting. Now, she is going to be hailed as a person that pushed the conversation regarding race forward as if there has not been efforts by BLACK PEOPLE over the past few years regarding police brutality, identity, and representation. But as always...white people don't listen to what black people have been saying for ages unless it comes from a white person. Sigh...

    I also think its kind of fucked up that in one interview, Rachel said that she didn't feel the need to identify or explain herself to white people. That she only cared about healing her relationship with the black community. But her first national interview was with...Good Morning America. Really...that is where Black America is at? She is just like all the other people that pretend to be black when it benefits them. Time to cash in.

  • Tonya G - 8 years ago

    No, she's already profited from pulling "Blackness" on as a costume. It makes me sick to think she can continue to benefit from her lies while the experiences of Black women are discounted on a daily basis. I want nothing good to result from her scam.

  • Mark - 8 years ago

    I wouldn't watch a reality show about her, because there is nothing more to the story. I don't see how she can continue to present herself as black, and if she does, what would she be doing? In a week, she'll be old news, like "Tan Mom" or "Pregnant Man".

  • HIroja Shibe - 8 years ago

    Potato Salad is Yellow. That is all I have to say.

  • TanyaW - 8 years ago

    No, no, NO, a thousand times no!!!! And the media/entertainment industries that keep giving her a platform are despicable. STOP rewarding bad behavior. (I know, not going to happen but...*sigh*.) When you were playing all of those clips of her on this episode I got close to scratching my own ears out. (Not a criticism of TBGWT but the douchebags that put her on the air in the first place.) SMH

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