SPEAK UP: Are local superintendents paid enough for their services? SATURDAY'S QUESTION: Will you attend the Beer, Bourbon and Bacon festival? YES 4 NO 103

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  • Mart Warren - 4 years ago

    Keep in mind that Arlington's supt is the highest paid in Dutchess county according to the story. Keep in mind it is his first job as supt. He brought zero job experience except being part of the old boy's network at Arlington. Why else would a first time guy get a job as the highest paid in the county?

  • Ralph Pettorossi - 4 years ago

    It's not their salaries that I'm concerned about. It's their six-figure retirement packages that are killing us.

  • Mart Warren - 4 years ago

    Arlington has gone way over budget with their supt. Earning over 202,000.00 without adding in all the extras is crazy. Now they are stuck with his ever increasing salary through 2018!!!!!!

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