Is the Confederate flag a symbol of racism or Southern pride?

  • Zach - 3 years ago

    The American civil war was over large taxation of the south. Plus the North only abolished slavery after the war had started so Lincoln could get more troops and win the war. Slavery had almost no reason for the civil war starting in the first place.

  • DONNA - 6 years ago

    that young guy Mr. Ruff was also waving & burning the American flag...are we gonna BAN the American flag?? I don't think so...the REBEL flag was JUST THAT...the southern states were rebelling against the Federal Govt. trying to take away their rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS NOT OR NEVER WAS A RACE ISSUE people.

  • David Tobey - 6 years ago

    People should read thier U.S. History, if they can read and read english.
    The American Civil War was basically about the Federal Government's interferance into State's Rights. They wanted to dictate how the southern states conducted their commerce. Slavery was only one issue of many and not the main issue. No one really cared, even the southerners knew slavery would have to be phased out in time, due to the coming industrial revolution.
    To me the Southern Battle Flag is just that, it honors Confederate soldiers. The fought for their America.

  • Ken Campbell - 6 years ago

    Carol, THE South? You must mean America. Boston, slave trade, check it out.

  • Carol - 6 years ago

    The South was Built by the Black Slave, Have Respect!

  • Ty Levy - 6 years ago

    Migration is a path everything MUST do. Sentient and Non-Sentient.

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