Should the president have said "nigger" to make his point?


  • Jonathan - 8 years ago

    The president was making a much needed point, just because you aren't saying nigger doesn't mean you aren't being racist. When a teenage girl at a pool party is thrown to the ground because she's armed with a bikini the media and comment sections go directly to "she's no angel." Just like thug, terrorist, foreigner, urban, etc it's a dog whistle. When Zimmerman got shot at by the guy he was stalking no one said, "Zimmerman's no angel." The interview on FOX where the woman called Obama the first hip-hop president is a dog whistle to the racists.

    Hell even when you have a killer write a manifesto and made comments about killing black people for being black, he's not racist. His Black Sambo friend tried to shuck and jive his way to defend his Confederate flag waving illiterate ass from being called a racist. I've seen more emotion about calling the president out for using the word nigger than for the white kid killing 6 women and 3 men who he called niggers.

    To all you niggers who are upset that Obama said nigger because it demeans the office go fuck your entire self. LBJ and Nixon are on tape repeatedly talking about niggers. We've had Supreme Court justices and presidents who were members of the Klan. Not to mention the presidents who owned slaves. The argument that it gives a pass to say nigger, no the fuck it doesn't. A man can call his wife a bitch and a wife can call her husband an asshole but god help say the same things to them about their spouse.

    I'm not fond of the word nigger but to pussyfoot around it when you are trying to make a point is more offensive to me, it's patronizing you didn't say nigger but force me to fill in the blank and think it. The president was calling out the idea that you can have otherwise racist speech and actions but it isn't racist because you didn't use the "n-word."

  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    The fact white people lost their minds that the black President said Nigger but somehow missed his point about the myriad of other ways they call that man Nigger on a daily basis proved his point. Calling Obama a foreigner, terrorist or thug are just colorful ways of saying President Jiggabo.

    Hell Fox News finds new ways to call Obama a Nigger in multiple ways before my morning cup of coffee. But Obama saying the world is in sighting a race war. To quote Elon James White , I'm tasting pennies.

  • nubs - 8 years ago

    Thanks for another great show.

    Ok, I have a question. With all of the issues surrounding Dylan Roof and what he is and what he did, is there anyone in the public eye who has the nigger pass? Anyone who isn't a Rachel Dolezal pretending to be black? I was thinking during this episode that the n-word pass is something that might not really exist, but white people want it so much that somehow it is acceptable and even achievable for any and all white people who are cool enough or have the right sort of black friends. I feel at this point the nigger pass should be relegated to a goddamn joke. I don't know about y'all, but I know I'm keeping my personal supply of nigger passes locked down and far away from white people for the foreseeable future. In fact, may I suggest that we stop giving out the nigger passes for the year of 2015? It's obviously too soon for white people, we may need to wait another 500 years.
    Also, I saw Rod's twitter profile pic of Karen with a lightsaber and Rod with the gun. Super cute! Silly Rod, thinking he can use bullets against a true Jedi. Use the force, Karen!

  • Juwan - 8 years ago

    Hi there Rod and Karen,

    I was in the middle of listening to this episode and at the 1:28 minute mark when you played that clip of the interview of the racist murderer's supposed Black friend I almost vomited. What the fuck?! First of all this wayward young asshole gonna fix his mouth to say 'well he ain't never did anything racist against me so we still cool' even after this dude went into a historic Black church he researched and killed Black people admittedly because they were Black to "start a race war." Talking bout everybody making him out to be a racist, bitch he said he was a racist. He didn't have to treat you any different because you we're around here letting his punk ass call you nigger and shit like it's cool. You we're one of the safe pet Black boys to him. Also what's even more disturbing is that this dude also says his initial plan was to target a school, you knew this guy was unhinged and had a plan to massacre some people and you chose to keep silent! I want to find that little ignorant motherfucker and shake the shit out of him!

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