Do you agree with the mayors' decision to run the Liberation carnival casino? (Poll Closed)

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  • Bob Cruz - 6 years ago

    In the 1970's the Liberation Carnival was allowed for the month of July at the Paseo. It was nominally run by a nonprofit organization, but actually the nonprofits took a fee of about $15,000 and allowed private interests to run all the concessions, taking all the profit. There was no casino style gambling allowed. The late Governor Ricky Bordallo stopped the practice and the government was able to put millions of dollars into his dream of a Latte of Freedom project. Some decades later, through the efforts of Phil Flores and other Board members, that money was used to build the huge latte stone structure at the Governor Bordallo Adelup complex. Today, the carnival has expanded to almost all summer, with more permanent buildings being built, mostly related to gambling (bingo hall, cockpit, casino). This issue of who actually will have the contract to run the casino is just a subset of the larger issue of who is to benefit from the money taken from the gamblers in our community, private individuals, or the community as a whole. It would be nice if there was established a Stadium Fund to build a multiple use sports stadium with seating and parking for thousands to meet a real need in our community, and profits from the concessions be placed in the Stadium Fund.

  • SENORA671 GUAM - 6 years ago

    We the public need to step-up and voice our opinion(s) - so that our concern(s) will be heard and problems can be solved! My concern/opinion: Come-on Governor, Since when do you ever put yourself in jeopardy to make a "SURE CALL" to appoint the MAYORS to handle the CASINO! It looks like a twist of your arm was made to cover-up the MAYORS' LOOPHOLE!! Don't you think, it's a CONFLICT OF INTEREST on the MAYORS' part to organize and also take SOLE PRIORITY of the CASINO?? It sure looks UNETHICAL!! So.o.o.o. UNETHICAL!!!! Humor us with your SOLUTION!!!!!!

  • Islander 2 - 6 years ago

    This is just pure Greed ! They should just shut the Casino down.

  • cap it ON - 6 years ago

    Government JOKE! Cash moves directly to those that say Yah! We the PEOPLE need to change it..

  • roy evans - 6 years ago

    The Government should have zero involvement. Gambling is illegal on Guam. If we cannot have legal gambling there should be zero gambling to include cock fighting. .

  • Paul Certeza - 6 years ago

    It should be run by a non-profit organization!!!

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