What offends you the most?


  • uaintgottheansa - 9 years ago

    Awe. This was so hard. I can't believe I had to choose between Don Lemon & that wack ass flag. I feel tricked. They're both terrible, but I voted for Don Lemon. He's just so ridiculous and such a foolish idiot that he left me with no choice. We've gotta get him tf outta here guys. :-(

  • Cedric - 9 years ago

    Great episode guys. I'm not even gonna bring up the other two options. It's Don Lemon by a mile. I'm surprised Don continues to cause a stir. Each time I hear about something he said I'm like "People still watch CNN and Don Lemon?". He's just bad, that's what's so offensive. You're a "news" anchor yet it seems you've done no research into any of the topics you discuss, you're just a troll. It's sad how this story pivoted from that thug terrorist to the confederate flag. Ugh I'm so sick of cable news. Thank God for TBGWT

  • PrinceLeron - 9 years ago

    I'm from rural North Carolina so I'm used to hearing Nigger and seeing the Confederate but, Don Lemon never cease to amaze me. He is the purist embodiment of what CNN really is. CNN is the place where "well-meaning" white people can go for safe news and self assurance. Watching Fox News has a bit of stigma and one of those MSNBC may cause you to question you ideas and actions. I would bet my life that Don Lemon prides himself on how reasonable he seems to that white people. There is not an issue on earth that he can't find the middle-ground and debate that shit. Even with rape he had a discussion on how women should fight back. To me, the only difference between Lemon and O' Reilly is that Lemon puts his headlines in question form.

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