Grade the transparency of mayors over gaming at the Liberation carnival. (Poll Closed)

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  • Frank Perez - 6 years ago

    The advice that "Deep Throat" gave Woodward and Bernstein should be applied in the case of the gambling earnings and the Mayor's Council and that is to "FOLLOW THE MONEY!" There can be no transparency when those who should be knowledgeable respond with "I am not the one to ask, ask this person, or we are still in the audit phase and don't have the info to share..."

    Gambling has crept into our society the back door, despite all the community outrage and fallout from 1970-72 when Bishop Flores went on the air and threatened every legislator to repeal the gambling laws.

    Such religious leadership is absent these days,

  • Islander2 - 6 years ago

    You never hear about the improvements that will be made to each village , the money they collect and divide amongst the mayors after paying a fair share to a certain charity of their choosing is never announced to the public , no info on how much each mayor received for use on village improvements . I certainly haven't seen any improvements to my village , no new construction or badly needed repairs are visible to the public ,
    Are these improvements being done in secret ? Where is the money going ? Exactly what did they use the money for ? A mystery that certainly needs to be solved . The Casino business is too shady and just breeds more greed , shut it down already !

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