How would you rate the Ballarat line's Regional Rail Link launch?

Posted 3 years.


  • Mamamia - 3 years ago

    I think the Premier wants us to all buy new cars so that they can brag and say it was Dan Andrews that did it. I'm wondering if he can cope with the criticism I have to offer on this. It couldn't be worse. VLine was always my best friend, now it's my enemy. Why did all the changes take place, I'm not going to blame the Transport system.. It's Dan Andrews fault, and he's not man enough to change it back... What is wrong with Labor, it always makes life difficult, and claims innocence.
    My girlfriend & I have been discussing it, and would like the Railway Stn Officials, to check the car park for local office workers using the Station Car Park.Life is tough when you get older, and we need the train more.

  • Anne P - 3 years ago

    The train times now are terrible. Also the Bus times are now upside down. I was told they would coincide with the trains, but the don't. I think a kid at kindergarten could have done a better job. I'm not trying to be awful, but as a mature woman and that I have to go to Melbourne regularly, I'm devastated and appalled.
    There were 2 other elderly women, one of them with a walking stick waiting for a bus to Sebastopol. But no bus came & we had to catch one to little Bridge St, to catch it to go home. It ended up taking us almost 3hrs to get home.
    It's one thing, the train times changing, I could cope with that, but the bus as well, nothing coincided. The next day, I thought I'd check out the parking, so I could use my car the next time, and there was nowhere to park. So where does that leave us. I'm from out of town, where there are no buses, I either get dropped off, or take my car. Please help the buses coincide with the trains again. It was good before these changes, but now, I can't fold up my car and put it in my pocket can I!!!

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