Grade the government of Guam's efforts in fixing the island's worst roads. (Poll Closed)

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  • Islander2 - 5 years ago

    Gov Guam can't fix the roads due to lack of funding , they have just given themselves a huge inflated pay raise and retro pay , the normal operational cost has increased because of that , QC's have given out to the sum of hundreds of millions of $ . The roads repair and infrastructure repair are going to always be on the back burner . Priorities are not in the favor of the public and we will see a deterioration in almost all areas because of this .

  • Cee - 5 years ago

    I don't know why roads up north are NEVER a priority. In Dededo alone there's the whole Machanao, Macheche, Ysengsong road, and Hamburger road that have been the same way for over 20+ years!! There's also balding on NCS and going down to Tumon that can easily be patched up instead of waiting for it to get worse!! I don't even get it. I don't understand why some of the most heavily trafficked roads on Guam are not even a priority. Meanwhile in the south with village populations the size of just one subdivision up north, the roads are fixed first!!! I think it would help tremendously if the government can hire people who can get the roads done properly and also to fine people or companies that want to dig up the road and patch them up incorrectly!!!!

  • Rey - 5 years ago

    1. Please check out the road to piga, really bad since I got here 2002 until now no change. The residents are doing temporary repairs but it's getting unsafe to drive specially at night.
    2. The road from KFC Dededo going up hill to Latte Hgts, that's been like that for over 20 years. That's another safety issue that government officials see it but do nothing.

  • Tricia - 5 years ago

    Rt. 1 Dededo to Yigo was recently completed, but is already beginning to develop potholes and peeling. I guess the politicians - to include Yigo mayor - never drive Rt. 1? Terrible job, GovGuam!

  • mikep - 5 years ago

    Umatac village, Machanao, Kaiser, Agat. These roads remain the same for years and continue to fall apart. Metal plates on Marine drive seem to be permanent. When are they going to be removed and fixed?

  • Normacita C. delos Reyes - 5 years ago

    Does any of our politician been to Machanao, or should I say has the Mayor of Dededo been to Machanao? Please visit Machanao and see how bad the main road is. I am resident of Kayen Cheop for over 17 years and before I can get to my house I have to passed the main road at least 2X a day and every day it's getting worst. Is there a plan to fix this road? Do you know how many voters are in the area?

  • D La Valley - 5 years ago

    When I worked with the road crew in Alaska they had 3 to4 good. Months to get the states jobs done and they were bid on and in that bid if they did not get the job done by the stated time frame that company was fined each and everyday we also had state inspector's working along side of us everyday as in that contract they had daily completions to meet and the inspectors job was to make sure the job was going smooth and to spec.
    So things like putting the incorrect blacktop down would never happen or making sure the watercompany dug and replaced what needed to bebefore the road was fixed not after it was done and ruining the brand new road. The company was also responsible for completing the one job before moving on to another one and getting paid for the last one.
    DON'T know what your contract's look like but they must not be like that. One other thing if working on a busy section the company would work nights when there was less traffic and it was cooler. These are just suggestions but then again they managed to digup a whole road 4 to 6 lanes dirt and all and repave the whole thing in 3 months all 50 miles worth and build a new overpass in one season. They could be worth looking into how there contracts look because I know they did not go over budget that fell on the contractor not the state to eat the overruns.

  • JW cruz - 5 years ago

    Two weeks before Typhoon Dolphin hit Guam, they dug up a long stretch of road,patched it up after the typhoon due to large deep pot holes. They dug it up once more, and patched it up again with gravel. To this day, it is still not fixed and it's making lives miserable. Every cars and trucks that uses this road, it kicks up dust and blankets everything in my area. Fix it already, will you?

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