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  • Autumn - 10 months ago

    I was loving the movie so much.. until the end. I hated it everytime I watched it, but now I’m really starting to reflect on it and I’m losing my mind and I don’t know why others haven’t thought about it. In the first movie, Mac was supposed to leave. She didn’t because of what happened with the movie interaction, as well as her connection with Brady. If Brady and Mac never met and never went into the movie world, she should have ended up going to whatever school that she was planning on going to. Yet she was still in the same place at the sane school. There was no explanation for this though. Can anybody even explain this?

  • Brooke and Amanda - 3 years ago

    Honestly...I mean this LITERALLY slayed my entire life. As we have experienced our own existential crisis we can strongly relate to the characters emotions. I feel there is no other movie that portrays this constant struggle like "Teen Beach Movie Two". We really enjoy the self discovery that Tanner reveals not only to us, but to himself. It's 2017 ammiright ladies! Lets talk about THAT ending! WHHHAATTT?!?!? Okay now I'm gonna be honest, we're a little lost, just in general I'm not talking about the movie. ANYWAYS! Lela "Queen of the beach" more like "Queen of my life!" And let's talk about Brady...HOTTIE! Ammiright ladies! Overall we feel moved and like we have a new perspective on life and we would just like to say 10/10 QUALITY WOULD RECOMMEND WOULD PURCHASE WITHOUT SALE!

  • natalia - 4 years ago

    it was a really good movie i liked it alot. a little bit more action in the dances it was intense , BUT the ending really killed it they shouldnt have lost there memories. if that part stayed atleast u couldve of made them them remember

  • natalia - 4 years ago

    it was a really good movie i liked it alot. a little bit more action in the dances it was intense , BUT the ending really killed it they shouldnt have lost there memories. if that part stayed atleast u couldve of made them them remember

  • TFGaming15 - 4 years ago

    See the movie was amazing! I love the movie! Except the ending! Mack and Braddy should have kept th memories of eachother even if Lela changed the movie! Now if the movie never existed I understand then but this ending is just completely bullshit! They better make a 3rd with Lela and Tanner coming back and realzing that they fucked up and need to fix this shit! THE ENDING TO THE SECOND ONE SHOULDNT HAVE HAPPENED!!!!

  • C - 4 years ago

    Ending was horrible. Agree with comments - Mack would've went back with her aunt if she and Brady didn't meet. Also it was ironic how Lela made the comment how Tanner was thinking of someone beside himself but then when Lela changed the movie, she made it all about her and made herself Queen... ? Really... This was a lame attempt to help girls feel empowered. This is supposed to be a Disney feel good movie that should be fun. Let everyone learn to get along and no one queen of everyone else. This movie was such a disappointment.

  • Simone - 4 years ago

    If they never met and never entered Wet Side Story, then Mack surely would also have left with her aunt to boarding school. Someone needs to give us an alternate ending where they remember the whole thing at a point.

  • SOPHIA - 4 years ago

    It was really good besides the ending but the ending didnt make since because how is there a movie called leila queen of the beach because then if leila and tanner made it back shouldnt of brady and macc remember eachother.
    ps i think you should make another movie explaining it.

  • Ashley - 4 years ago

    Sorry I didnt finish I was going to say that I think the third one should explain everything because Lela even winked at Mack like she new her but Mack doesn't remember meeting Lela so I really hated the ending it just got me mad and im really upset on how the writers did this

  • Ashley - 4 years ago

    I honestly think that the movie was pretty good I guess,but the ending really screwed it up.so that means if Mack and Brady didn't remember each other that means Lela and tanner never made it to wet side story because it's true what Mack had said about Lela and tanner not making it back to wet side story which would cause her and Brady to never remember each otherwhatt I'm trying to say is that means Lela and tanner shouldn't even be real so I don't understand what the writers were thinking about making a Lela queen of the beach.I might be wrong but this is just my opinion I really think that the t

  • Tyron the offical teen beach fan - 4 years ago

    Ok first this movie was not bad it was actually funny, because of tanner mostly. The songs were cool and all the acting wasnt that much up to par with the main extras but wasnt bad either but my only true argument is the fact that the writers of the movie made the ending screwed up by taking away the memories of mack and brady because that totally wiped out the first movie and the points such as mack when she was gonna go to bording school, the only reason she stayed is because of brady and wet side story when her and brady went into the movie so i rated the movie a fail because the twist. Messed it up so if you do make a third one please bring back the memories of mack and brady because if not that means you all destroyed theyre real character and who and what they wanted to be so please.

  • AN - 4 years ago

    Other than the ending, it was super fun to watch! this movie i loved way better then the first! it was funny, and made you jump up and down out of your seat making you worry about if the cast is going to go home or not or if Brady and Mac are going to get back together.. but the ending.. seriously? It ruined the movie for me i was really disappointed!!! Like .. its disney why would you make them start over and forget everything? i hope things are fixed if theres a third one. Disappointed .

  • lexi - 4 years ago

    I think the movie was overall really good. The dance numbers and music were very catchy and awesome. The ending confused me a little but i wouldnt say it ruined the whole movie.

  • Kim - 4 years ago

    From what I'm seeing, I guess Disney's trying to pave way for another Teen Beach Sequel. Obscure endings with multiple levels of meaning to it are always clever, but c'mon Disney! This is supposed to be a simple and fun movie for kids...why make them struggle and try to decipher the ending? Let's also talk about how illogical the 'memory loss' situation was as well--I mean, it doesn't even make sense how Mack and Brady forgot about each other! Weren't they already together long before they were trapped in the movie Wet Side Story? Absolutely ridiculous. Seems like the writers were running out of ideas. As for the whole movie itself, I found myself disappointed as well. Music was not catchy, and the acting/portrayal of high school students had me cringing (take it from an actual high school student)! It just didn't have the charm and pizzazz that the first movie had. Would not rewatch it, honestly.

  • Angela - 4 years ago

    So if they don't remember each other what prevented Mac from going to the prep school earlier in the summer? And in the first movie it seemed like they had been together for quite some time, not just since the beginning of summer. The entire movie seed disjointed, the story seemed like it was slapped together two days before filming, the characters weren't true to who they were in the first movie. The songs were very disappointing and I was confused why they completely disregarded the ending of the first movie when the bikers and surfers came to this world. If they make a third I hope it's an improvement and I would like it if the characters could forget this movie.

  • Vivi - 4 years ago

    This bull shit . I'm so sad rn . This was more sad then " the vow " and " the note book " combined.
    I know I'm over exaggerating but I was obsessed with teen beach movie and now I'm just so mad that the ending had to be like that . I guess it was a good movie but hopefully part 3 they remember everything again . At least Mack and Brady stay together .

  • Tereasa - 4 years ago

    The beginning of this movie was ok. Honestly I loved the first one. But I have to say Mack ruined everything. She made both of the movies pointless. If she hadn't have told Lela that she could do anything then none of this would happen. Leila wouldn't have left and she wouldn't have changed the movie. I absolutely HATED how Brady and Mack didn't even know each other. They forgot all their special memories. The end was supposed to be some great awesome ending, but no Mack had to go and ruin both movies and make them as if they never happened. Mack made Lela into a self centered brat. She was telling her about we on emporment but that is just plain selfishness. This movie was based off of how Mack and Brady went to another universe and met these movie characters. Then they came to their world. But now that Mack told Lela to change the movie, it's like teen beach movie never existed. It was stupid how at the end they fell in love and kissed! I mean they were supposed to forget each other! That WOULDN'T have happened! Seriously this ending ruined both movies for me!!! And in the first movie, it showed how Tanner loved being the center of attention, and in this stupid new movie, he is like Lela's dog!! I definitely rate the end of this movie a .05 out of 10. I have never watched a worst movie in my life! It is like they are to lazy to make a 3rd one so they just ended it AWFULLY!!!!!

  • Ayzha - 4 years ago

    I'm so pissed off right now with this movie. The first one was so good, and this one was just average. The songs weren't catchy like the first movie. And come on, the ending was creative and unpredictable, but I could've used a little predictability! How could they forget their time with Lela, Tanner, and the rest of the gang?

  • maddie - 4 years ago

    they should make a 'Lela the Queen of the Beach' !!!

  • Ellie - 4 years ago

    I loved the movie it was super cute. Until the ending. It left me sad, confused, and depressed. Teen Beach Movies are supposed to be funny, fun, and leave you in a good mood. I had to google what happend because I was so confused! Teen Beach 3 better change this all back! But one thing I still dont understand is why just because the movie changed they didn't meet. Please explain and change the movie!!!!

  • JP - 4 years ago

    I loved the movie I was also disappointed that they forgot each other and their best friends. They need to do another one and have Laila and Tanner go back to help their friends out and they have to remind them. I would like them to do at least two more films in the franchise.

  • Ally - 4 years ago

    I loved the movie until I reached the end it was so disappointing to see them forget each other to me it isn't right they have to make a 3rd one and I would like to see them remember each other

  • Bez - 4 years ago

    I agree with every comment bellow. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who thinks the ending is terrible and ruined the entire movie!! I was disgusted.

  • Trindy grace - 4 years ago

    And are you Jade Melgar??? Please respond ASAP!!!

  • Trindy grace - 4 years ago

    I really thought it was groove as they say but I don't like the ending it was not OK for them to start there relationship all over again after all of that the movie was awesome

  • jade - 4 years ago

    I hated the ending they should make a new one when they remember each other like it was awful they should of had like a sappy moment not a forget about you one it was a bad way to end it but i hope they make a 3rd on when they remember each other and like go in between each world where they get trapped or something like just make they remember

  • Sydney - 4 years ago

    I thought it was pretty good UNTIL THE END. It was a terrible way to end the movie and it's like the first one never happened. It ruined the ENTIRE PLOT and made me VERY disappointed. THE END SCENE RUINED THE WHOLE MOVIE. I don't think I will even watch Teen Beach 3 if there is one. They can do better than that. I am so ticked off. I waited so long to watch this and it was a disappointment. I could have waited 4 more months and still wouldn't have mattered.

  • Destini - 4 years ago

    What I don't understand is why did they make each other forget everything such as themselves the movie and the characters why and why did they change the movie

  • Gracie - 4 years ago

    It was a good movie,but I think the first one was way better. In the end mack and Brady don't remember each other but fall in love again the part I don't like the most about it is that they don't remember their time together with lala and tanner

  • Jordan - 4 years ago

    The movie didn't compare to the first one but I did enjoy it until the ending. The ending took away my joy from the first movie. According to the second movie the first movie never even happened. At least Mack and Brady don't remember it. I have a ton of questions. How did everyone return homer he first time just by waking away but have to ride away in the ocean the second time. Every commercial was promoting the fact that leyla and tanner would be going to school. I didn't realize that only meant one day. I also didn't feel the connection from that leyla and tanner had in the dirt movie. I only watched the movie last night and I can't remember any of the songs. The music from the first one is still stuck in my head. I don't think it was a bad movie. It would have been hard for anyone to top the first one. I'm a huge fan of the series and everyone in it. I'm just kinda dissapoimted and left with the feeling that the first one never even happened. I am looking forward to a third movie and hope they make one.

  • Ariana - 4 years ago

    I enjoyed the movie but in my opinion I think that the ending should've been different I don't like the fact that Brady and Mack doesn't remember anything they don't remember that they traveled to the movie and thy met all of the characters most importantly they don't remember each other or the wonderful memories that they have made together which is very sad

  • Victoria - 4 years ago

    The movie was on point! I did not expect the ending but I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't cliche! :)

  • Brianna - 4 years ago

    Loved the movie! It was awesome, hilarious, and super fun to watch. However, I was NOT happy with the ending! I love the fact that Lela changed the movie and made it how she wanted- But Mack and Brady?! UGH! They don't know each other! They forgot everything! What about all their memories, and everything that happened in the first movie?! I am so upset with this! I was hoping Brady would remember or something and they would know each other, but NO! They started all over, even after he said he would never forget her! I legit want to cry, this was so upsetting! I wish they could change the ending, I was very disappointed, especially since I loved the rest of the movie so much!

  • Rubi - 4 years ago

    People are looking at the ending in the wrong light. The ending was really clever and cute plus it definitely leaves room for a third (which I would love). And the first movie did happen Lela and Tanner remember Mack and Brady I'm sure. So can people stop the end ruined the entire movie? It just was one scene. The movie was amazing. I'm sure they can top it with a third!

  • Alicia - 4 years ago

    I liked most of the movie, but the ending sort of made me upset. Mack and Brady actually spoke about forgetting each other, but Brady said, '"how could I forget you?'". This made me feel so happy. And then when they did forget, I thought that maybe, just maybe, Brady would remember Mack and they would be happy, knowing what happened to their friends and how much they had been through. But no. They did not. I have a feeling that it would just play through like it did at the beginning of the movie but they would just stay broken up. And that is no fun for any one.... I did not like the ending. That is all.

  • Macy - 4 years ago


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